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Favorite and least favorite nicer watch brands

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Just curious what everyones favorite and not so favorite watch brands are in the higher end segment...

Speaking for myself, I loved Rolex then hated them and now I like them again, always have liked Omega but for some reason never had the draw emotionally for me that Rolex does even though I should like them more given you get way more watch for your money and they are as nice if not nicer than many others, and I love the higher end nicer brands but can never bring myself to sell my Submariner for one of them as the service costs are a turn off...but if money was no object I would have at least a JLC, IWC, or GO....

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Favorite: Sinn, Omega, IWC

Least favorite: Rolex, Panerai
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I like Tags a lot. Though they dont get much love from the watch snobs, I've always liked tags since I was in HS. So I bought one when I graduated from college and started making real money. Then I picked up a couple more over the yrs. I just picked up the F1 chrono from chronoshark yesterday and it will be my daily watch.
I've had a love/hate/love relationship with Rolexes as well. I always thought that Rolex was the pinnacle of watches until I became better educated about watches in I didnt think that Rolexes were all that for a while...but I ended up getting a datejust and I just think its a fabulous time piece.

Least favorite is Ebel. They just dont do anything for me.
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IWC, Dornblueth & his kid, Glashuette, Lange
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Rolexes are the Wayfarers of watches. Nice, but too much of the herd's tastes.
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Least favorite: Tag Heuer

Favorite mainstream brands: IWC / Grand Seiko / Zenith

Best price/quality ratio: Omega / Seiko

Favorite small watchmaker: RGM
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Favorites: PP, IWC

Least favorite: Ebel, Piaget
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I really like Omega for the price. Not ridiculously expensive, and overall a good balance of solid sportiness and understated elegance.

To me, Rolex is sort of the Corvette of watches. I know they cost a lot, and I know a lot of people like them, but to me the stigma of being seen with one is a deal-breaker.
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Favorite: Lange.

Least Favorite: Lange.

- B
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Favorite: Breitling Least favorite: Tag
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Watches that I've owned: Favorite: Oris Least favorite: Movado I still think Oris is one of the best watch values out there, despite the price increases.
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Originally Posted by DrZRM View Post
Least favorite: Rolex, Panerai
Originally Posted by mljones99 View Post
Favorite: Breitling

Favourite: Rolex, Panerai

Least favourite: Breitling
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Favourites: F. P. Journe, Lange & Sohne
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Favorite: Vacheron Constantin Least Favorite: Graham
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Favorite: Panerai, JLC and Jacquet Droz Least Favorite: I really don't care if you dislike Panerai so why should you care if I dislike what you are wearing.
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