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Originally Posted by Dave_SFU View Post

Pretty cool. Where do they sell at?

not sure but he does have an email contact:

Dr. Collectors Dungarees Maker
Gender: Male
Industry: Fashion
Occupation: Designer
Location: HOLLYWOOD : CA. : United States
About Me
Dr. Collectors workers is a Dungaree heritage carpenter. exclusive Slim Fit design By Olivier Grasset. Every DrC.O1 pant have an exclusive Garment dye process made in Los Angeles. All the Dr. Collectors wash pants are one of a kind. Inspired By the gold diggers & American workers. are made in USA like the original tradition Dungaree workers pants, with the Collaboration of an American Factory For over 100 years. since 1903 Contact olivergrasset@yahoo.com

also, his blog roll is interesting to check out:

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Originally Posted by Manfred Freitag View Post

I never said you shouldn't demand satisfaction. Of course you should. Only that perhaps you aren't standing on the loftiest of moral high grounds here, calling people scammers and demanding a refund for merchandise you were set to obtain through some back-alley arrangement. A scam. Don't tell me you thought Jimmy was a newphew of Lipschitz?

The guy tried to make a few bucks and it got out of control and some people got fucked over and he got fired. Sucks for everybody. Go buy the shit at retail on your credit card if you want to avoid these situations. This is a first-world problem if I've ever seen one.

I think we see about the same point of view. You're saying of course I should demand satisfaction, which I'm trying to do, and I've tried to explain that I don't see any loftiest of moral high ground, just an infinite sliding scale (if anybody sees scams as all the same, God help anybody who deals with them).

That said, I don't know how "not for the public" retail sales go. I've heard the phrase "friends and family" but I now assume "friends" is incredibly limited. I never called him a scammer, either. That said, I don't owe people thousands of dollars, and I've been in positions where I've put myself through hell to ensure I'm not messing with people on that kind of scale. I'd have bought the stuff at retail if I could've afforded it. I went for this deal because of the price, which has to be a more than common reaction. If it turns out I can't afford it, I thought, I can sell it easily and break even. Where I fucked up was buying some non-essential stuff for the first time in a long time. It turned out I still couldn't afford to buy non-essential stuff. No problem, I'll just have to sell it when it turns up. Even convinced a friend doing better than me to buy it so I could break even. That'll annoy me, I thought, him going round in the clothes I wanted, but no option because I need to pay bills. Except now even that isn't coming. It isn't a sob story, doesn't compare with a third-world situation. Even I can see a comical side, and I'm honestly wondering if I'm going to be able to put the heating on this winter. I wish it weren't so - I'm working to make it otherwise - but that money would make a difference. I wish I were in a position just to be able to say, "ah, well, I made a mistake with what I trusted". No, I shouldn't have put myself in this position but people who can't afford these things at normal price are likely to get sucked into these sorts of problems. Of course I take responsibility for that, because I'm not on the loftiest of moral high grounds - nobody is - and now I'm trying - need - to demand satisfaction as you say I should.
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Originally Posted by NorCal_1 View Post

everything that transpired here can be tracked electronically, point #1
90% got their goods? then that means only 10% didn't, so it should be easy to fix by offering immediate refunds or sending the goods
you said that the two pairs of RRL jeans you ordered for me had been ordered, and you have my email address, so it should be easy to prove by sending me the RL order confirmation email to show them being purchased and then send them. Either you did or you didn't. I've received nothing.
not sure why RL would be angry seeing that they had a 50% off sale 3 weeks later, so they are out literally nothing by what you did
all a man has in this world is his reputation

from his PM to me....

[quote name="jimmyfingers"
Oct 25, 2011 at 7:04 am They have been ordered. I had a major problem with paypal, RL, and billmelater which took almost 2 weeks to correct.
Hang tight, I am sorry for this.[/quote]

he was given the money on Oct 8th and mine was sent to his mother's account which wasn't frozen so that excuse won't hold water either and he confirmed that he got it from her

if you have them JF, why haven't they been sent? prove everybody wrong and make me whole since as you claimed, you DID order them and did get the money free and clear

hit your father up for $15 and mail them, otherwise...
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Sorry for the crappy iPhone pic but thought I'd try to get the thread back on track...sort of. This RRL Twill Jersey Jacket just arrived from RL after a shipping misadventure. Fedex Home never received the first order and after a week of waiting RL CS had it sent again minus the grey chambray shirt which was OOS.

This is what I originally asked JF to proxy and so I sent him a money order (facepalm.gif #1) a couple of weeks ago. When the private sale hit I decided to order it myself instead of waiting for JF. I sent him more money (facepalm.gif #2) to change my proxy to shoes. Now I'm with the others hoping to get my money back. Crossing my fingers it's quick as my funds aren't tied up with the PayPal fiasco nor a part of the RL repayment as nothing was ordered on my behalf.
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Originally Posted by ffatt View Post

^^@Manfred Freitag
 Yes, but it a bit of a stretch to blame them and say well you can't demand your money back from the scam.
You gotta admit it is rather easy to take this side of the argument when hundreds of your dollars are not being held up?

I never blamed anyone who is out $$$ here. You should demand your money back, and clear and prompt communication. This sucks for everyone who is out money, for sure. I am not absolving JF of responsibility just because I think some forumites have a blind spot to a bit of irony here. It sucks more if you were on a tight budget and went out on a limb and I get that, too. I hang out here and sometimes it seems like everyone is buying this stuff with Monopoly money and all own arsenals of cordovan and drive cars that run on Faberge eggs and bald eagle heads. But I understand this is real money to some of you, not trying to be flip.


When I sent my PP to Jimmy Fingers I considered it a leap of faith. I half expected to get burned on the deal. When he and I talked, it became clear that he thought buying a bunch of shit on behalf of another internet stranger just to make a few bucks was also a leap of faith. So I transacted and it worked out. Had it not worked out, I might've grabbed a Bible and a rope and ran him through the Google machine but I would've stopped at least for a moment to consider the lack of judgment on my own part for sending off a pile of $$$ to a random alias in the first place just to save some $$$ on a fucking cardigan.


Which fits me perfectly, I might add!


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we should all just shop at old navy, problem solved.
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^ Solution would be for you to sell things in my size. laugh.gif
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Or..................... stop sending MONEY to people you don't know. lookaround.gif
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I received my jeans ordered through Jimmy in a reasonably timely manner. I did send my payment as a real payment though, not a gift, and just added 4% for paypal. No way I was blindly trusting anyone asking for gift. Luckily it worked out for me.

Also, someone report back when you email that Dr. Collectors guy. Those look awesome.
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Thread Starter 
Yeah, as long as you're talking to Dr.Collectors, ask if he has an actual visitable workshop. It'd make for an interesting article to cover here on SF.
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Hey Jimmy - sent a quick PM, please respond when you can. Thanks!
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Originally Posted by deez nuts View Post

we should all just shop at old navy, problem solved.

A novel idea would be to actually shop at the stores.


For the forums info the RRL London store is due to open today.


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Originally Posted by Ghost01 View Post

A novel idea would be to actually shop at the stores.


For the forums info the RRL London store is due to open today.


That's cool, if you stop in let us know how it is. I didn't realize RRL was that big in London.
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Just scanned the past few pages of this thread - it's not too difficult to get on RL's mailing list for friends and family sales... Just try to buy one or two items at full price from a store or online (preferably from a store). Make it a bigger ticket item so SAs notice you (it will pay for itself in discounts over time). Give them your e-mail address. Over the years I have been able to get two or three codes per sale (one hard copy, two by e-mail). Plus, often if you just walk into a retail store during the sale, they will give you the 40% off plus 15% kicker. RL sales are pretty predictable (late october/early november, May, the pink pony discounts, etc).
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Has anyone tried the RRL tailored stuff yet? It has a Boardwalk Empire vibe; looks a bit too costume-y to me, but some pieces look decent.
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