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sucks that the RRL raws arent on sale...
do they ever go on sale? otherwise i will probably just bite the bullet and pay retail
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I asked before when I went to the store and the assistant manager said they rarely do.
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15% is the largest discount I have seen
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Originally Posted by spacemanvt View Post

sucks that the RRL raws arent on sale...
do they ever go on sale? otherwise i will probably just bite the bullet and pay retail
Originally Posted by NAMOR View Post

15% is the largest discount I have seen

yeah very rare to go on sale. you can score from ebay, B&S, or from Context with 10% context credit or blakes for 10% off.
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I was able to buy a pair of the slim raws during the Pink Pony sale (25% off).
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Was in the RRL store in ATL and they have select pairs of RRL jeans @ 40% off. Mostly slim in light washes.
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yes the sale includes pretty much all washes but not raws or the new black on blacks

this is the RRL peacoat that i got like 2 weeks ago from that VIP sale for 50% off. i upgraded from my size 34 or 32 sterlingwear, which i had to size down to get the fit i wanted but this made my sleeves and overall length short. this RRL feels much thicker and substantial and actually too thick and rigid since its never been worn

sorry the pics are dark but you can at least see how it fits. im wearing the RRL charcoal chambray shirt underneath the peacoat, both are size XS, im a size 36R, and have room for a thin cardi/sweater.

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Nice peacot. That's the one with the vintage buttons in the front? what was the final price after the discount?
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nice peacoat dude, looks really good. I would probably kop if i hadnt just gotten one of those j crew peacoats and it was in the online sale frown.gif

even from the online pics it looks sick... damn i wish i was near a RRL store
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Rinse jeans go on sale frequently, Rigid do not because they sell out every season. But leftovers have shown up at outlets in the past especially in the form of overalls or dungarees. If the rigid jeans don't sell out they carry them over to the next season or make a small discount that gets rid of them.


RRLs military/navy pieces as well as most of the line is based off designs from Ralphs vintage clothing and americana collection which includes thousands of rare and very expensive items spanning from the USA to across the globe. They take cues from these iconic pieces, reproduce them, and then vigorously age them which is an expensive process. There is no comparison to what you will find today at the military surplus store, Made in USA or not. Guess you can also buy $10 used jeans that look almost as good as some of RRLs $400 washed jeans. But, I think you're in the wrong thread for that.

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ok thanks for the info. any recommendations for low straight raw sizing? i am a 32 in most jeans (nudie rag and bone), with the actual waist starting at 33.

also has everyones orders shipped yet? I had a huge order i placed on saturday in which the status says "orders located in stock" or something still. i placed a smaller order on sunday and it has already shipped.
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Ordered stuff Friday and got shipment notification last night.
Ordered stuff from Rugby and got shipment notification Sunday.
I think the warehouse is just getting hammered.

When I ordered using the shady 50% VIP coupon early October it was 4 or 5 days before I got a shipment notification but according to tracking it had actually gone out the day after the order.
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Mine shipped, but I sprung for the 2-day shipping, in large part to avoid the 1-3 day shipping window they give themselves for standard shipping, as I really wanted to get my order in before the weekend and figured $20 was a reasonable amount for 2-day shipping. LIndricks and a couple workshirts will be here tomorrow, looking forward to seeing the boots in person.
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yeah its random. i placed three separate orders (2 with edited codes) and random items from each order has been shipped. i dont think it has any correlation with time/date of order placed but whenever they can find the item in their warehouse or whatever
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