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Originally Posted by Teger View Post

rrl makes the best washed jeans i've seen. i can't tell the difference between my pair and some beat ass sugarcanes i faded myself. seriously.

wheres the best place to buy? ebay..? any online stores?
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^^ You can look at ebay, the outlets near you, and sometimes the B&S on here. They sell RRL on the Ralph Lauren website and other sites like context clothing, but they are sold at MSRP. You can check them during sale season.
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Originally Posted by otc View Post

Ok, my order showed up...which pair should I keep? Excuse the photos...I shouldn't have worn just a white undershirt as I really had to blow out the whites to get the jeans to show up.
Low Straight:

I am leaning toward the low straights 95% as the slims made it almost impossible to get my shoes on. I don't plan to gain any weight but I may be losing a little bit--I just spent 6 weeks recovering from a bike accident but I am back to riding and will start racing/training again next week (so any weight won't come off my thighs which were pretty damn tight in there).

I vote straights - they look really good on you. The slims just look a little tight in the nards.. Might consider sizing down on the low straights if you feel they might stretch a bit. But the cut is good.
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jimmyfingers, is the pink pony card still on? Going to send you an order later this evening if they're available.
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chambray workshirt & selvedge office chinos ... will post pics of peacoat shortly
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^lookin good!
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Do these make my butt look big?
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I am looking for the RRL Barn Red Jawns in 30-31W and the RRL selvedge officer chino in 30W, new or gently used (unwashed). PM me if you have it or willing to proxy me for one. Thanks.

edit: anyone knows if the oxblood/red barn jeans stretch on the waist? I'm a 31 waist and am thinking about pulling the trigger on a 29x34 oxblood (30" waist)

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sexy wallet Namor!
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baller collection my friend icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Just want to confirm that the Officer's chino in W31 is still 32 waist and 12" thigh. I know that is what is listed in Blake's thread, but not sure if the sizing has recently changed.
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added some new stuff fellas, and dropped prices on everything else.
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