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I'm right between Medium and Large, to the point where I don't think either will fit me well. Argh.
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The black jeans are hot, shame about the vanity sizing
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I dig RRL, have a couple of items from that line, but am still confused by their sizing. I have a Chambray in L an RRL t-shirt in XL, jeans in 36, chinos in 34...basically what I am saying is there is little to no fluidity in their sizing. Some items run true to size others large/small. Probably doesn't' help anybody here, other than if you are new to the line make sure you try the item on first.
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Originally Posted by ctrlaltelite View Post
^^ no more 32s in slim black. if you ordered that size as well, you can blame me.
hey, how do they fit? i'm kinda confused about the sizing because i tried on a 31/32 at the melrose store, and they fit perfectly in the waist(i have a 32" waist). i bought a pair of the slim raws in a 31/34 and they measure 16.5" across the waist and they fit just a hair loose. so, i believe the washed black slim overdyes were 16" at the waist but the sizing that whodini generously posted for us doesn't seem to match. does rrl have 2 different sets of sizing?
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Originally Posted by surrender View Post
The black jeans are hot, shame about the vanity sizing
The thing about the "vanity" sizing is that the rise is fairly low and the jeans are meant to be worn more on the hips than natural waist. On the Low Straights, for example, I could wear the 32s (my usual size) comfortably but because of stretching and wanting to keep a slightly tighter silhouette I'd size down.
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i do not think the slim blacks are raw, but they are sanforized, per lisa at RRL. this could account for the slight difference in sizing.
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price for the oxfords?
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Usually $125.00 for the ones with regular pockets and $145 or $155 for the ones with the flaps.
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they were tagged 145
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Originally Posted by ctrlaltelite View Post
they were tagged 145

maybe i should have looked at that
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RRL clothing are pretty much hand made. They make alot of pieces in a factory in Los Angeles. Within the factory there are rows of people dedicated only to RRL who do all the hand work, stitching, distressing, cutting, fitting and assembly. They have tons of old union sewing machines and other vintage equiptment on line and each worker has a single job in the production cycle. Its amzingly labor intensive. Hence the prices asked for the RRL brand.

Originally Posted by whodini View Post
Like ctrlaltelite said, RRL isn't like any other brand. RL dumps loads of money into the label not only because it's Ralph's baby but because the flagship stores serve as image advertisement.

Yes, quite a few but in limited numbers. Best way to track them down is to call a RRL store directly. I know Melrose had a few in stock when I was there the other week.
Sure. People can chime in with their recommendations like rrlshop (who some people think has a direct factory connection considering the inventory.)
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Can we make a list of the various styles of jeans RRL offers with a brief description of each?

These are some of the terms I've read describing various jeans:

I've heard about first generation, second generation, and new generation.

There seem to be both seasonal models and icons.

I've also seen jeans listed with these descriptions: low rise bootcut, low straight, slim bootcut, slim fit, slim straight, straight leg, buckleback, STF, and stretch (I think some of these terms are overlapping).

Then there are also one wash, distressed, and raw versions.

Listing the retail prices for each model might help clear things up too ($210, $225, $265, $295). I guess we could also use the cut or model # to distinguish them.

It's all very confusing.
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Please add the Steven Alan stores to the vendor list.

Originally Posted by whodini View Post
A one-stop thread for all things RRL was long overdue. Feel free to post any questions, photos, etc.

I'd also like to get a stocklist going to keep on this post which can be updated. Let me know who I'm missing.

Ralph Lauren stores that carry RRL:

-South Coast Plaza (Costa Mesa, CA)
-Crocker Galleria (San Francisco, CA)
-Aspen, CO (501 East Cooper Avenue)
-South Beach, FL (740 Collins Avenue)
-Copley Place (Boston, MA)
-SoHo (379 West Broadway, NY)
-Men's Store (381 Bleecker Street, NY)
-Madison Ave (867 Madison Avenue, NY)
-Lenox Square (Atlanta, GA)
-Ala Moana (Honolulu, HI)
-Standford Shopping Center (Palo Alto, CA)
-Various RL outlet stores around the country (Selection will vary)

RRL-exclusive stores:

-RRL Melrose (8150 Melrose, L.A., CA)
-RRL Malibu (3835 Cross Creek Rd, Malibu, CA)
-RRL Nolita (31 Prince Street, NY, NY)
-RRL Bleecker (390 Bleecker Street, NY, NY)
-RRL East Hampton (57 Main Street, East Hampton, NY)

RRL Vendors:
-Farinelli's. Clarendon, VA (
-American Rag. Los Angeles, San Francisco, Newport Beach, CA (
-Blue Bee. Santa Barbara, CA (
-Barney's (
-Blake's. Portland, OR (

RRL Threads on Styleforum: (Styleforum Gallery)
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whodini, i noticed the rise jumped a lot on your measurements from a 31w @ 9.75 to a 32w @10.5. The 32w is correct are you sure about the rise on the 31w it seems way too low.
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I want one of their white military shirts. I hope there aren't any embellishments on the hem.
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