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Originally Posted by koidragon View Post

Was wondering if anyone has seen this cardigan in person and what your thoughts and impressions of it were?

It's one of those things I want to get one day, then think to myself .... "self, could I pull this off?"

Thanks in advance.

Processed By eBay with ImageMagick, z1.1.0. ||B2
Processed By eBay with ImageMagick, z1.1.0. ||B2

I think it would be great for an ugly sweater party.
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Originally Posted by KushDryGoods View Post

 I've already done business with people on this forum and others, nothing but positive transactions. Gotta love the positivity around here… 

This came in, extremely impressive - Ralph Lauren shawl neck serape cardigan. 

Hey..... That's my serape cardigan..... Can't wait to get it tomorrow.
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Originally Posted by Kensington View Post

I think it would be great for an ugly sweater party.

Thanks for the input..... That is kinda the way I was feeling..... I guess I was hoping that the deer on the back would eventually run away.
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Originally Posted by Sym View Post

Have placed numerous orders with KDG and have never had a problem.


Thank you sir… 

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The serape looks sick. I like the details like the metal buttons and loose style weave. However the color is a little too flamboyant IMO. Looks like a rainbow. I think if the colors were more muted I'd dig it more.
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You should check it out up close @Kensington it isn't as bright as the pictures make it appear and quality is amazing. 

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my new pickups!!! sorry for the flash guys, its really dark in my room lol 


indigo workshirt ( this shirt fits perfectly, and the color is amazing also. everyone needs this! haha :D )

the dixon fleece jacket. i didnt expect this to fit so slim and short compared to the wool jacket, but i love it

the varsity jacket. speaks for itself. everyone here knows how quality this jacket is 

 a polo suede bomber. got it for pretty cheap. had to buy it lol 

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Nice haul there ^^^

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The serape cardigan would look even better once it's faded a bit.

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if I wear 32 in the slim fit denim, what size should I go for the bootcut denim ? I own 2 cords bootcut in 33 from 3-4 years ago, so I am thinking to cop the denim in 33 as well ?
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How do the ridged selvedge officer chinos fit compared to the slim fit chino?

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where'd you grab the indigo workshirt? only seen it at UM
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lol wow ... found these in the bottom of my closet this morning looking for a vest to wear in this ridiculous weather. totally forgot about these. varicks/aberdeens? cant remember the correct name of these ... guess they deserve a romping

rrl varicks/aberdeens
rrl le olive slims
rrl peacoat
sns herning scarf
SAB briefcase
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Originally Posted by randomkoreandude View Post

received the indigo dupre jacket

surprisingly thicker and more heavy weight then i was expecting. for some reason i was expecting something more on the lines of apolis globals indigo blazer. this one in small actually fit me quite well in terms of length and shoulders. slightly long in sleeves but boxier then i like in the chest. will have to get it altered but pleasantly surprised by the deets and the weight. wish this was released in the fall to get more wear (although this winter doesnt seem to be ending anytime soon)

Wore mine for the first time yesterday, no opportunity for a photo yet, its quite dark and needs a lot of light for a photo to translate the weave and subtle colors. Wore it with a lavender dress shirt and some Ralph Lauren Rugby Tartans with greens, blues and lavenders. Wondered about staining on shirt, some touches on the collar edges only…however my hands, blue…had to wash up more than once from buttoning and unbuttoning throughout a day of meetings.

And yes its heavier than you might expect for unstructured, but is perfect for this miserable winter. Was on the east coast with it yesterday and it served as my outside coat as well perfectly, the best part is that you flip up the collar and button it all the way up and it looks super cool vs. some that look a little awkward that way. I prefer the heft of this to the Hamilton which is quite light and hard to get a consistent lapel fold.

Will post photos when i can manage
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agreed ... i need to post up pics but just dropped it off to get the chest taken in. havent tried buttoning up all the way but sounds useful
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