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I believe it will rot eventually.


You should have tried beeswax first.

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I'v heard about the rot thing but its been 2.5 years with about 4 apps on the belt i wear and its fine.  I like the color i get from it more than anything iv used.  I think i read that on the Iron Heart forum but the guy said it was his cutting board that got the smell & rot



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Leather will rot if you add too much of any oil. It has to still be dry enough to breathe. Olive oil is an old saddlery trick. It's the animal based oil that can go rancid.
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not if you keep it under 375 degrees



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The Frontier Work Pant is described on the website as having a "a selvedge-cut coin pocket", but I suspect it's just a copy & paste typo, and that the pants aren't selvedge at all. There are a couple of other pants with that typo that I think aren't selvedge either.

Can anyone confirm?

Also hoping someone can confirm my earlier question if the Thompson Work Chino has visible selvedge outseam?


Happened to see the Thompson Work Chinos in the store, and they do have a visible selvedge outseam. I forget if it's stitched over (think Deadstock Road Chino) or laid flat, as in regular jeans. I'll let you know next time I head to the store.

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are there any regular straight leg jeans that any of the stores sell thats not online?...perhaps a staple item...im looking for a midland wash regular straight leg in a 30x30 or a 31x30...thinking about calling some stores to see

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Sandstorm probably
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Anyone know what sizing is like on the Washington boots? I wear an 11.5 or 12 in most sneakers and have pretty wide feet 

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Got a dreaded order cancelled email from RL today...took their sweet time too.
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Originally Posted by Viral View Post

Stanton. Tailor shop........the best!

everyone says this...ive been in the shop to ask the guys questions...will be stopping by there in a  few weeks

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Dusty black straight legs! Those are my all-time favorite seasonal wash. I bought mine off ebay in November 2010, so they're probably 3-4 years old now. 

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i got a question: what fit exactly is this http://www.ralphlauren.com/shop/index.jsp?categoryId=11757743s7-1049532_lifestyle?wid=2000&hei=2000 the site says straight leg..but in the description says medium rise slim fitting...anyone with experience know how it fits? and what does the actual pocket tag that comes with it say in the description?.....and also this one    http://www.ralphlauren.com/shop/index.jsp?categoryId=11757743 it says straight leg and the description says slim fitting pant but then says longer rise sits higher on the waist...so whats the deal? anyone know? s7-1031676_lifestyle?wid=2000&hei=2000

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