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Originally Posted by Froosh View Post

^ The new one has lighter oz denim. The old one is much more substantial, more slubby and has the selvedge line down the placket.

Really? The weight on the one on the website isn't listed, so I'm not sure how beefy it is or isn't.

The cowboy rinsed buffalo denim shirts people were talking about here were from late 2012. I thought they started out by selling in store only, but then put them online. Did they make a whole new shirt just for online in 8 months or so (but looks essentially the same)?

I notice from the 600s of this thread that RandomKorean, El Duderino, Robert (I think), and Pocketsquareguy all bought one. Is the one online the same as what you guys got? The one online isn't selvadge. Did you guys get one with selvedge?
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Originally Posted by non boring View Post

Can anyone help me out if these are Low Straights? I measured my pair vs their measurements posted but wanted to make sure. Any/all help is appreciated. Also, thanks for whoever posted the sale for next week.

I think these are the same ones I have.



I have 30W32L and the are pretty much TTS.
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Originally Posted by ispace View Post

And just because this thread needs more pics (& I have a Gogo wifi pass for this flight I'm on), here's a photo of the current season 10.8oz raw selvedge chinos...

10.8 oz, I thought someone said it had went down to 9.23oz this season, what's the wave number?
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Originally Posted by mfrege View Post

Along the lines of this question, Is the denim western sport shirt listed on the site now for $265 not the same denim western that some people here were buying 6 months or so back?

Here's the one from the website

Here's the one from unionmade, same as the one, I believe, a bunch of you guys were buying not long ago

Anyone know if the are the same or different?
seller has them on ebay for 169 in medium and xl
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They run kind of long too, my size L is 31" bottom of collar to hem.
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What time will the sale online go live tomorrow?

For the winter one I didn't get it until 9am.

I went on at 8 am for the last sale and half the stuff was gone already.


Could it start at midnight?

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Originally Posted by dieselman89 View Post

Does the quality of the once washed justify the $250 price tag? Seems high considering you can buy other denim at $150.

I just bought a new pair of One Washed Low straights from Context this morning. They fit well, and they are like the namesake, a raw pair given a tumble and soak. They have chainstitched hems, just like the rigid, and are obviously selvedge. Back in my heyday I could tell you where each model had its denim sourced from, but given the new releases and slight redesigns and me being too busy to be a nerd, I don't know anymore.
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Sorry to post again about this...but I threw the card I got away a few days ago because I thought this was a regular sale.

But is this one that needs a code?

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I don't think this sale requires code. It's probably seasons hard markdown. And clearance sale after months from now.
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anyone notice ed helm's jeans in hangover 3. look like RRL low straights
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Anyone have experience with the Manx duffel? I believe someone said they bought this bag a year or so back. It's on sale
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Does anybody know how the  "summer 1 " Inidian Cardigan Sweater runs? The auction I've seen says it measures 43" around the chest, which is strange considering its a XL. I typically wear an XL but it seems to me the XL wouldn't even fit me.  



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Anybody have this shirt? Any reviews. The shirt is on Sale for 250 and there are only 2 sizes left so I doubt it will get any cheaper. Trying to gain a general consensus if its worth 250.

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Have bought the shirt and it is well worth the money. The only issue i have is with matching it to something works well under brown or tan denim jacket, or brown, beige and subdued yellowish jackets. Bought it really to wear to the screening of the johnny depp lone ranger movie, going native for that one!! Ha ha. Nemo

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Saw it at the store and would have been all over it but I really don't like how affected the repair details look. I'd get on it at a lower price, though.
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