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Comments on this?
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Originally Posted by rrlgambler View Post

Anyone know...

I'm positive they don't unlike Polo. Regarding the cashmere i have 2 shawl collar cashmere sweaters from different seasons (about 2 years apart) and they are completely different weights. Its likely they adjust the weight for winter/spring collections.

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I love his optimism on $195 for a pretty poor t-shirt.

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I had scooped up a pair of white selvage RRL denim from the outlet.  They fit like a dream, but they were bootcut.  I had an alterationist taper them and get rid of the bootcut, but instead, she just made them highwater as hell.  I only paid $40 for them, but I'm straight up brokenhearted on this Valentine's Day.

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Originally Posted by misterjuiceman View Post

There's no reading comprehension issue on my part. The post of mine that you quoted never claimed you were hating on RRL; I addressed exactly what you said. 

Sorry, that comment was not directed at you but at a previous poster who I was too lazy to quote.

Originally Posted by Patek View Post

Is the Clifton boot made by RedWing? If so, $200 is not bad.

Can anyone speak to its quality and fit?


Boots arrived yesterday and they are pretty damn awesome--especially for $200. Jeans and PL tie are getting returned though.
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bummed I missed out on those boots
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Originally Posted by Ghost01 View Post

I love his optimism on $195 for a pretty poor t-shirt.

ya was going to comment on the almost $200 bin for that

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Question regarding RRL western shirts.  Some people have said not to pay retail.  Frankly, $250 is a lot for a shirt.  Where would one not pay retail besides eBay on occasion?  Does RRL send western shirts to the RL outlets?  There's one in Carlsbad, CA, which is south of my current location in Orange County.  Any help is appreciated!

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This is a listing for some RRL jeans a few years old described as straight leg.  I see they have detailing that looks like the slim boot cuts.  However, because it is an older style, I am not sure - seller thinks they are straight and there is nothing on the inside pockets saying anything. Does anybody know about this?  Thanks in advance.

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Would anyone care to sell last season's fair isle sweater vest in size XS?  I'll make it worth your while.




RRL Vest.jpg 191k .jpg file



Mine met an untimely death at the fangs of a friend's mutt.


Thank you,



Screen Shot 2013-02-15 at 12.43.56 PM.png 191k .png file
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Sorry if this turns out being a double post --- I saw this listing for a pair of RRL straight legs that are a couple of years old.  The styling looks like the slim boot cuts but this is an old style and seller thinks they are straight (and seems to have experience).  Nevertheless, I wanted to check and see if anybody knew about this pair.  I cannot wear slims, only straight or low straight.  The pockets do not say anything at all.


Many thanks.

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Originally Posted by Dudeasincool View Post

I'm interesting in purchasing the RRL Indian Varsity Jacket but am unclear as to whether to get a small or medium.  The specs for the Medium are: Shoulder to shoulder: 19". Sleeves: 26.5", Pit to Pit: 22.5". length from base of collar to bottom: 27".  The Small's specs are  21 inches pit to pit, and the length the collar to bottom is  25.5 inches.  Is there a rule of thumb for Varsity Jackets -- should they hang a bit loose or tight?   


i have a Medium at home, message me if u need accurate measurements.
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Originally Posted by Dirty Denim View Post

Wow is this so perfect

Looks too flashy
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Absolutely perfect.  I have three versions of this from past springs, and this is by far the best looking one.  The blue is spot on.  

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