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Does anyone have last year's roper jacket or access to one in a size small that you may be interested in parting with for a good price?  Thanks, Nathan




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I like the style, but the gold buttons are so cheesy, and $1200 no. Wish I could find the plain one with the corduroy pockets from a few years back. I would get the older one used before I'd buy this new one

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How does one find the "Ralf Lauren" sale?
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Where does one find the "Private" sale?


A novice
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I'm going to loss my shit with all these completely ass backwards questions.
Anyways, I'm still looking for a pair of the selvedge officers, I need to post up my Brit RRL version's in the BS section as well.
Pic's so follow shortly.
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Originally Posted by s3lam View Post

Picked this up yesterday at Ralph Lauren store in Beverly Hills

Are those RRL or Blue Label? How do they fit?
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Hey these are RRL

Here is a link

The regiment ripstop cargo.

They are a slim straight and fit really nice. I will try to get a fit pic up soon.
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The original peacoat that they did last year for 590 or 690 (I forget) will be available later this fall. It will be part of our Holiday Icon deliveries.
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Originally Posted by cyc wid it View Post

I think RKD has that peacoat.

i have the one from last season, but not this one thats 1200
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So I ended up returning the Crosby chinos
For starters I just noticed today that they are all distressed. Tons of discoloration and paint spots. Doesn't look good.

Plus the more I looked at them, the more they looked like sweatpants.

Wasn't worth retail to me.

The only new pieces I have bought this season are the Green Cord Work Chinos and the Dark Wash Denim Western shirt.

At this point just waiting until sale time.
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can you comment on how the RRL peacoat from last season compares to the new one?
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Originally Posted by edubs01 View Post

Last year RRL was excluded from the Give In Style event as well.
As a result RRL was included in the Private which was either 30 or 40% off plus 15% off kicker.
Btw that peacoat for 1200 is absurd. Anybody that pays retail or even close to it is a fool.

I am told Give in Style includes RRL - starts next Wednesday 9/26 - RRL Melrose is having a party to kick it off.  Goes for a week.

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Hey guys,


Thanks for all the great info on this thread. 


I have a question. I've been looking at this pea coat from RRL below and would love to get my hands on one. Does anyone have one in a Large they are willing to part with? I know it's a newer item, but just thought I'd ask. I've also been watching eBay as well. I'm hoping it will go on sale this fall.





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Dastig, any thoughts on if the peacoat is worth it a 800 or too ridiculous?
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Somehow I doubt an employee of RRL would come on a public forum and denigrate the quailty or pricing structure of the items he makes a living of off. uhoh.gif


Probably smart to leave that to the rest of us.

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