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Alex's Tailors in NYC

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Does anyone have any experience with Alex's Tailors on John St. in Manhattan. The salesman at C21 (where I picked up a sb/3b navy Barbera for $400 and a G&H for $270 yesterday) referred me to them. I don't need anything major done, just some pants hemming, waist taking in, jacket taking in, and sleeve shortening. Am I better off going to one of the places further uptown that you guys recommend in order to make sure it gets done right?
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See the The (hopefully) definitive thread on NYC tailors. dan EDIT: BTW, I don't know anything about Alex's Tailors. I wouldn't put a whole lot of stock in recommendations from the C21 folks, though.
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Don't know about Alex's, but my recommendation is to take those suits back to C21 -- you could have bought one full canvas Isaia for the price of those the two suits you got. The Barbera you bought is a diffusion line and at $400 is RADICALLY overpriced. The Gieves and Hawkes is a decent suit, but still only half canvas. The Isaia's at C21 were only $670 this weekend.
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Johnnynorman3, I've been referred to you by arkirshner on the askandy forum regarding a question I have about Isaia suits. I have seen one at NM for $1400 on sale (50% off and unfortuntately I live in LA and not NYC - I would have gone to C21 otherwise) that is an 'Aqua spider' line. Any info about this material, that I believe is supplied to them exclusively? And your advice regarding 2 vs. 3 buttons, would really be appreciated. brit
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You know, I've never felt a Spider fabric personally, so I can't help you there. I'm a huge fan of Isaia, and their Stewart model is great. I'm a believer that a 2 button with the right stance adds the illusion of height. Others might disagree, but I think that seeing more shirt and tie elongates the torso. So I choose 2 buttons. But the 3 roll 2 of the Stewart isn't much different than a 2 button. An Isaia at $1400 is pretty steep still, at least for me. I'd rather get a MTM Brooks Bros. suit when Martin Greenfield is in town. That's just me though.
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Many thanks johnnynorman - I'll go for the 2 button. Unfortunately, I wont have time for a MTM suit from BB (I need it for my wedding in 8 weeks which is cutting it very fine) and will have to swallow the $1400 steep price tag. Many thanks once again and will let you know about the fabric. Brit
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Well, if it's your wedding suit by all means spend the money. That is one purchase where money should be a minor consideration at best. Congratulations, and good luck. Make sure to get a good tailor.
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Thanks you for your kind words. - it makes me feel a little better about 'splashing the cash' Regarding the tailor (I will have some alterations done to the suit) - I have no clue where to go in Orange County - There is a master tailor at Neiman Marcus where I'm buying the suit but have no clue what to look for. Any tips or names? Kind Regards, Brit
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