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Entry Level bespoke?

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Hey Guys. I am considering boing Bespoke. For a novice to Bespoke who would you guys consider to be a good place to go to. Does an individual tailor seem like the way to go, e.g Beaman, Hitchcock or Mahon Or should i go with a service. I saw Kilgour has an entry-level program. I am fascinated with the Anderson suit, but I am not sure that is in my price range. Actually, I would like to stay under $4K. If there is a link to a similar discussion that would be helpful since I cant find anyhing using the search function. Thanks.
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Read threads here and on Ask Andy before you buy Kilgour. Selecting a tailor is easier if you first decide what type of silhouette you're looking for. Some tailors like Steven Hitchcock specialize in softer, Anderson-like, jacketings. Others do better with military style cuts that flatter the thin man but may not be best for heavier men.
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Askandy search function is gone. Is there anywere you can get the going prices for a variety of tailors?
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Try searching Andy's site using Google: the keyword box use... kilgour That string will tell Google to produce indexed results only from that site using kilgour (or whatever keywords you want) as the delimiter. Hope this helps. Regards, CT
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If you're in NYC give Lucio at Traguardo a call - he makes exceptional suits that are a real bargain at $1,600-$1,700 a pop. His number is 212 679 7215. Panzer
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Panzer, you were getting a suit made there, right? Any updates?
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I would really appreicate any more info and updates on Traguardo. Pics of course would be great..... In that vein and as i have posted before those of us in the sub 2K category may also appreicate any more info on gilberto designs as well
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