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As a fellow Chan customer, I'm well impressed. And, like others, I dig the scarf.
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I really like the color of the fabric. The top half of the suit ending with the end of the lapel is excellent. The bottom half looks a bit off to me. The midsection because of the high button stance appears like you have a bigger midsection. More waist suppression or a lower button stance would solve that. Opening up the lapel so show more underneath would also rectify that as well more flared quarters and perhaps a closer skirt would help too. I have similiar problems with my last order with WWChan. I hope Patrick can rectify the matter when I visit him on his upcoming trip.
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Very nice looking jacket. I had been considering having Chan make me a linen jacket next year, but I was somewhat taken aback by the $1,100 price tag. I can live with a tab of $650 to $700 for which Chan will make a nice jacket of Super 120s or similar-grade wool, but the added $400 is a bit too rich for my blood. (And my wife would have a seizure.) Are linen garments typically that much more expensive than their woolen counterparts, or is some of the tab because the fabric is from Zegna? If $1,100 is par for the course for linen, I think I'll shelve the idea and just go with a very light tropical-weight worsted. Any information would be appreciated.
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Nice Naturlaut. JLibourel: why don't you ask them for a wool fresco, or a wool/mohair blend, or a solaro (a herringbone weave usually produced in a tan colour with a reddish undertone)? All good summery fabrics.
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Nice jacket. You look sharp. I dont think the skirt is open because of the design. I think it is open of the particularly high button stance.
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Very lovely looking lapels .. love the fabric too, very funky indeed.
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