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Dress shirt help!

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Esteemed colleagues of the Style Forum, I have a problem that I am sure is not unique to me. You see, whenever I wear my dress shirts, they tend to balloon out on the bottom, rather than stay taught and formed, as they do when I initially tuck them in. Is there anything I can do to keep my shirt in place so that it doesn't bulge out at the hips? Is the answer to spend an arm and a leg and get tailored shirts (I hope not), or is there some easy fix to this madness?
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Some bulge is inevitable... if you tuck in, then sit down, raise your arms, etc. etc. the shirt will come out to a degree. This will happen with a tailored/bespoke shirt unless you specify the amount of ease (extra material to allow for freedom of movement) to be very low (i.e. so the shirt is slim or form fitting.) So slim fitting shirts would be your answer... alternately, you can do an "old style" thing by sewing buttons on your pants, and have buttonholes sewn into your shirts at the bottom, so you can button your shirt onto your pants (like a tux shirt, or a hockey jersey.)
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Or if you can stand how weird it feels you can tuck them into your underwear...
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