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Other things to do to look taller are to simply avoid taller people whilst standing on the same plane.

That reminds me of the story Ingrid Bergman once told on a TV chat show. The (very tall) Ms Bergman was doing a stage play with a leading man who was somewhat shorter than her. The director took great effort, not to have his two protagonists standing next to each other. When both were standing, they were at different ends of the stage; when they met centre-stage, one was always seated while the other one stood. Some years later, Bergman was in another play with Yul Brynner. The director offered a similar arrangement to spare Brynner the embarrassment of being seen as shorter than his leading lady. He rejected the idea and, turning to Bergman, said: "I'll show you up as that big horse that you are."

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Can anyone link to Holdfast's content on "all round proportioning"? I'd be curious about individuals. I've experimented with seeking around and haven't discovered nearly anything complete. Thank you.



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There are 13 things you should notice when you choosing your outfit. I found this article here may solve your problem.

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There have been some major MAJOR! misconceptions regarding this subject over the years. Much of what has been written is wrong. I am 5'9" and squarely average in height, but I still consider myself short, especially when I somehow always find myself in a situation around 6 foot tall men. Anyway, the one truth is always a solid suit. Navy or grey and always wear the jacket. Belt of no belt is minor detail, but belts also tend to cut in half. I tend to favor belts for a more finished look, but the belts are all slimmer Zegna models. 


As for shirts; I find this to be one of the most incredible misconception for short men. I find patterns, stripes, etc, make no difference. Just stay away from horizontal stripes and all else is fair game. If you're wearing a suit, it's obvious a shirt it tucked always. If casual; jeans and blazers, I find a slim fitting and well cut (mid zipper - maybe an inch or so above crotch) shirt untucked to be far more flattering and more complimentary to most frames. As it seems for most, it's really more about elongating the torso just as much as the legs. If the pants/jeans are slim cut worn with a normal rise, that issue usually resolves itself on its own. For short men with pants, put a greater emphasis on the thigh versus the ankle. I find this to be the most crucial part of the pant for a short guy. Too many focus on the cuff being narrow (and it should be to an extent), but even an extra half inch or inch of ballooning in the thigh throws the entire outfit off. Cuffs on pants aren't really idea if you're going super slim in the thigh, so stick with a top stitch on chinos and blind stitch on wool suit trousers. For shorter men another misconception and we can all probably collectively blame GQ for this one is short pants. Anything "short" is actually a terrible idea (unless you're 5'5" and under). Pants should be a single 1/4 or no break, but not cropped (or this new ankle thing). Never roll cuff your pants (unless on the beach). 


The number one thing shorter men must not do are create horizontal lines and believe it or not, tucking a shirt does exactly that and if you're like me and slightly built/athletic, a tucked shirt in a casual setting actually tends to look ridiculous. I think what most publications put an emphasis on is being gentlemanly and I entirely agree, which is why a slim and razor cut navy or grey suit should be worn 75% of the time. I actually can't remember the last time I tucked a shirt into my jeans for example. Some might disagree with this, but I'm almost always wearing a navy sport coat on top of this type of outfit. I own for example about a half dozen very high quality Zanone polo's, which I highly recommend for shorter men. I wear a 50, but I could see a 48 working for most. They are cut perfectly (with arms that cover mid bicep) and wear very well under sport coats. It somewhat eliminates the debate of tucked in or out since they fall in the right spot below the waist (and don't crazy shrink like a tee -- above waist and are collared) and look both professional and modern. 


Another thing which I touched on above are excessively "short" items. I witness men like myself try to compensate for lost height by purchasing items labeled as "short" and the result is usually terrible. If you're 5'7 5'8 and 5'9 which is where many men fall, I would highly recommend to stick to regular fit items especially if you have some weight to you. 150lbs + or some muscle. 


Don't compensate with shoe heels either. It just looks ridiculous. If buy a quality boot (English or Italian) with a slightly elongated toe and 1 or 1.25 standard heal, it does wonders for height. Stay away from flat shoes like chuck tailors, etc unless running to beach and in shorts. I'm not even going to mention flip flops as no man should own a pair (unless you bath daily in a public shower - fine).

Find a couple chukka's that serve as year round shoes and wear them 90% of the time. 

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Just wondering, is there any methods of dressing which makes you look taller? I'm 5'6, and thats 8cm shorter than average here in Australia. So far, I've only known to wear the same colour from head to toe (or similiar colours). Not too sure what else I can do.

Has anyone suggested moving to Japan?

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Clothes that fit really, really well.  Narrower lapels can help, but they can also make you look like a hipster - use them with caution.  The idea to both of these points is keeping things in proportion.  If your clothes look, on you, the same as an average man's clothes look on him, you'll look taller, until you get up close.  I'm 5'7", and people are never going to mistake you for

being tall.  So, instead of looking tall, look fantastic.



I also recommend not trying too hard - I personally find that hipster and fashion always makes me look childish. Classic all the way.  I always wear proper shoes, never trainers,  to clean the lines.


Clothes have to fit but I have never hemmed jeans. The secret is to be in proportion- as a matter of fact, I do tuck always - apart from t-shirts and polos because otherwise I look frumpy. I always wear classic clothes so I have an excuse to tuck in. Another thing that helps is to be athletic - or have a good silhouette - but certainly not huge- so broad shoulders, narrow waist and long legs also make you look good whatever your height. I am below 5ft 6 and often people think I am more 5ft 8. I am probably built like a Hollywood actor- ie. shorter than people realise, and you would not guess in a photo - but stand next to a tall man and you can't hide it.

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