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Desert boots and suits

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Sixities' mods wore Clarks desert boots with their sleek suits. Yet those shoes aren't exactly sleek -- quite the opposite in fact, with their protruding crepe soles and highly visible stitching. Why did it work, assuming that it did?
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Probably because they didn't care that their Clarks weren't sleek and wore the whole look with confidence.

You can pull off seeming disparity with the right attitude. It's when people wear something unconventional and feel uncomfortable about it that it looks awkward.

Well, there are some things that just look dumb to some people, but that's personal taste. And then there is the danger of trying too hard to look unconventional. But again, that probably has more to do with the quirks of the observer.
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Flaneur is absolutely right...
If you have the right physic , the right attitude and if your look is what i call honest (a natural ,unforced look) , you can look stunning in non classic combos...
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I agree with both of you. And one of the best examples of how this can be achieved can be found in Agnelli's many quirks. But I was just wondering whether there might have been something more theoretically justifiable in the mods' choice.
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