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Geeks anonymous

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My name is Mathieu and I am a geek. But I am not the only one here (I have names), we have (married) PhD geeks, spreadsheet geeks, Ernest, etc. So I thought we could share our perversions and see who rules supreme. Until 1 year ago, there were two possible routes between where the bus dropped me and my apt. The distances were the same. But thanks to the power of geekiness I determined that one of them was better because entropy was higher (I had more possibilities to cross streets and was less likely to be stuck waiting for a light to turn red so I could cross), therefore for a non-zero traffic this path was shorter (timewise). Note: I wanted to include a high-profile ASCII schematic but half of it would not appear so I'll have to do without it. If ever I teach thermodynamics I'll have this as homework assignment. One can be an evil geek, right?
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Which one are you?
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Hello Mathieu. My name is Bob and I too am a geek. I am perhaps a run-of-the-mill PhD geek. I love my studies--economics, btw--and spend some free time reading about it. I am, do be more exact, a fisheries economist. You are free to ask my (also a geek and a librarian) girlfriend how excited I get when I start talking about fishing vessels. Did anyone watch the recent Discovery show, The Deadliest Catch? That's the North Pacific Ocean where lie the various fisheries I study. One thing that will always badge me as a geek is my reaction a few years back to being treated rather poorly by a woman. To drown my sorrows I took up the requisite bottle of vodka and...? A game theory textbook. Game theory is a highly mathematical analysis of strategic behavior. Something in its rigidity and rigor consoled me. Ahh, that feels better. bob
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I am a retail geek. Not only do I shop a lot, I go to stores and malls and take pictures and write detailed analyses on my websites, along with posting relevant retail artickes. Then there's the sneakers. I am a sneaker geek as well. I even got my best friend started and now he's more of a sneaker geek than I am. Not exactly contender for cool hobbies of the year, but I like them.
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I am a politics geek. I am a poli sci major and talk about politics all the time. I am also obsessed with making list of things ( for example places I'd like to visit, fav movies, or beers, tv shows.) I have made dozens of lists. There are many things geeky about me like those stated above. I also obsess about ties and interesting socks. I am just a geek all around I guess, but just glad I have Style Forum where it doesn't matter.
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I'm proud to say that I was probably the first geek on this forum, although I have been MIA for a considerable amount of time. It probably has something to do with the recycled topics. My name was actually coined on the GQ forums, back before this one was created. When I was at university back in Ontraio, I used to play MMORPGs for like 8-16 hours a day and sell my l3wt on 3b4y. I enjoyed pking and raping people of their online possessions. I would kill people, take their stuff, and get rich doing it. I actually paid for school and living expenses for a couple years by playing games. It also paid for the beginnings of a very nice wardrobe. Hence, GQGeek. It's not really worth the time anymore. Every kid that plays them tries to sell stuff on ebay now so you just can't make enough money for it to be worth the time you invest unless you can figure out ways to manipulate the system (it does happen). They're also extremely addictive and I prefer to maintain a social life instead. I'm not really a geek anymore. Actually in terms of social abilities i never really was, I just had a geeky hobby. Did I say pking was better than sex? It is, well when there's risk involved anyway. The new games suck though because the rules are created such that you have to play nice. you can't kill people and loot their corpses anymore. It makes me very sad.
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I am a physics major and I play a lot of videogames.
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I'm a web developer. I'm an expert at code and an amateur at design. Being a design geek is pretty cool though. I've gotten pretty good at identifying typefaces (aka fonts) without the aid of any reference materials.
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I'm a huge geek, but thankfully dont look it. I studied chemical engineering at ucla, am a HUGE music nerd, and am addicted to computer games... =\t1
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Kent: Can we see any of your designs?
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My name is Mathieu and I am a geek. But I am not the only one here (I have names), we have (married) PhD geeks, spreadsheet geeks, Ernest, etc. So I thought we could share our perversions and see who rules supreme.
Am i a geek? A braces and cufflinks geek so.
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A Technogeek currently working on a doctorate in Education.
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Am i a geek?
You are an "how many?" geek.
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