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Father's Day

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I'm surprised that I haven't yet seen a post from one of my fellow Style Forum dads. My two kiddos surprised me with a chocolate brown Zegna cashmere tie. Despite the summer season, I wore it one day the following week, balanced with a pair of chocolate brown suede captoes. That day, I picked my daughter up from camp. When she saw me with it on, her face lit up.
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One reason there may not have been posts is that the rest of us do not have children with such good taste. If you must know, my 30 year old forgot, my 28 year old called while my 8 year old gave me a card.
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I got my father tickets to the Mariners v.s. Orioles on the 14th.
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I got the Star Wars DVD boxed set... ...and I bought myself a Bullock & Jones red grenadine tie on ebay. (It's a fantastic tie.)
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I got a card which my 6 1/2 yr old made herself, not to be too sappy, but it was the best present I ever got.
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I don't have kids, but I got a tie from my 19-year-old neice...from Target. It was *very* considerate and I appreciate the thought, but I think I should introduce her to ebay, etc.
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My daughter (17) had been into novelty ties (dancing pigs, Disney, musical instruments, etc. This year she gave me a great book on the Greco-Persian wars. I use the novelty ties sometimes if I am going to be in protracted negotiations on boring cases. The book is much appreciated. However, as a side note: Even the ugliest tie can be enhanced 500% when it is a carefully selected gift from one's daughter.
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