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H&M khaki linen suit. NEED A PROXY

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no longer needed
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nice pic of ctrlaltdlt Ill do this for you np. Will check in NY if I have time, if not will hit up the huge H&M we have downtown when I head down there next week.
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Yea, i talked to jian about it already and he said his store didn't have any. I should've just bought the suit when i was up north last month. I probably don't need a suit for the wedding but i'll wear it some other time i'm sure
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I can check in Toronto H&M for you if you wish, I have one store about 2 blocks away from home and the mega store is about 10 blocks away, so just let me know.
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it's actually 129 for the jacket and 59.90 for the pants
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teger i also work 2 blocks from that h&m and check it pretty regularly. they're out, plenty of matthew williamson though.
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Oh really? Then there is another khaki linen one they have as well. This one was in separates and wasn't in the suiting section but instead with all the streetwear stuff and the price was definitely like $80-90 total. It was definitely more casual and i'm sure not as nice but whatever. I'm not interested in paying $200 at the moment for that other suit since i hadn't tried it on. edit: i think someone may be helping me out
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If the other stuff falls through, let me know. I'm almost positive that one of the Chicago H&M's has these. And if you saw something for $80 combined, are you sure it wasn't the khaki chino suit, rather than the linen?
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visiting sf this weekend...i'll keep an eye out for it
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^ No need. I was there today, and bought it. It's already on its way to Chrono.
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Thanks a lot, man. I tried explaining it to my girlfriend over the phone today. me- I picked up a suit for your friend's wedding. I got that khaki linen suit from h&m her- How did you get that with no h&ms in florida me- I put out a request on that forum and a bunch of internet friends offered to help me out and i already have one on the way her- you're weird
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^^ hahahahah... glad to see it worked out. pics? I may look into picking one of these up..
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I'll let you know when i get it saturday or monday in the mail. It's not the same one jian (ctrlaltelite) has. His is the nicer one in the suiting section. This seems a lot more casual and probably not for the office or something. I'm wearing it to a casual summer wedding (it's at the zoo believe it or not. i have no idea what to expect). I have 3-4 shirts i want to try with it.
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lol Alex... same shit happened to me with a girl I dated... the "weird" part that is.
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Did you get the linen one for $90? I have a wedding to go to next weekend and may pick one up
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