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Twilight's appeal to women is the same as MMA's appeal to men: imposing themselves into a stereotype and believing themselves to match those ideals. This fabricated dreamworld is more pleasing than reality, and this removal from reality is most likely responsible for the large incongruence between the ideals in Twilight and the actuality of its audience.

That's an awful lot of words to use for "wish fulfillment."
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Would smash Stewart with the might of Zeus.
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Saw it last night, don't ask why.

What a terrible movie. The story is utter crap. It's so popular because girls like to pretend they're the main character and have two guys drooling over them, regardless of what they do. What is so special about her anyway? I keep on waiting to find out that the girl is the KEY to something bigger, but she's no one. OOoo I can't read your thoughts. Imagine being over 100 years old and extremely wealthy, yet still dealing with fucked up high school girls. And that native american dude... what a loser. The girl won't even kiss him yet he's head over heels in love with her. The main character dood, is sooo deep. What a joke. It's very sad that the movies/books are so popular.

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He should kill them both.
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I so miss the wit of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
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