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Haha, it's no big deal, thanks Goodman.  I think my left foot is about a quarter size smaller than my right, so that accounts for the "bad" fit, but I also took a look at the pic again and my knee / ankle is bent at a pretty steep angle.  Are well-fitting shoes not supposed to show even a little bit of a gap if you're positioning your leg that way?


As for my watch of choice, well, here is my current favorite.  




I suppose there are others who will still say this is a piece of shit.  That's OK though!  Everyone is entitled to their opinion. smile.gif

I love this yellow gold watch! Is it the Patek 5004j in the early 2000s? Since, Patek stopped produce this watch, it's really hard 4 me to find one :facepalm:

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Sorry, my mistake, I did not realise it was 3970j instead of 5004j

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Just got these from the Leffot sale, I was not sure how I would like the Arca stream, but I really like it. Veiux Noir (old black) patina

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Also picked these up from the leffot sale. This marks my first forray into the world of Corthay - and boy...color me impressed. The finish, craftsmanship, and attention to detail is oozing with ornate refinement from every angle. I just took a few quick snaps and a fit pic in the moments I had before hopping on another call. Wow, worth every single penny.
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^wow casual at its best.
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