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Originally Posted by Crat View Post

Random pic taken in the tube. Arca & Alden Indy.


Thumbs up!

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If you post a picture in the shoe care thread I can give you some advice. There is rarely anything that needs sending back to the maker in my experience.
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My first Corthay arrived today, Fantomas I known it may not be everyone cup of tea:

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This is the ghillie formerly known as Belphegor, right? Love it. What's the color on your pair?
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Thanks frill, you are right this is the Fantomas the most recent incarnation of the Belphegor. The patina is "Lie De Vin", dark shades of red/burgundy melting into more black shades.
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Lie de vin may well be my favorite Corthay color. Congrats and enjoy!
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Thanks frill. May I ask since you are in NYC, do you know if Leffot use US or UK sizing on their website for Corthaty? I am hoping to get the Arca if they ever have sale now that I get my size figured at the Dubai store.
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I'm not sure, but I typically wear a UK9 and my Corthay's were marked 10.5.
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Leffot uses US sizing on their website for Corthay and the shoes in the store are marked with US sizing.
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Thanks Patrick and ejirardo. It looks like non of their corthay in my size.
BTW anyone been to the Paris shop? I am going their next year, is the prices better or the same? Dubai prices are roughly same as Leffot before taxes.
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I have been to the Paris shop. I didn't purchase anything so I'm not sure of the prices.
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I guess I will find out when I go. I find myself liking mostly French and Italian shoes on the net. The only british maker I like is G&G but have not been able to see it in real life. Anyone has experience with Aubercy? Their Besteguy derby or an Arca will be my momento from my next Paris trip wink.gif
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I've never worn Aubercy, but I have seen them and handled them. They are blake stitched, therefore very light and flexible. They look well made.
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Sound good enough for me. Personally good fit and aesthetic come first, the details of constructions Goodyear vs Blake is not a real issue. I wear most of my shoes once a week, and I definitely won't be walking 15 miles a week in this Dubai heat like some ppl on this thread biggrin.gif
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