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Cordovan is it seasonal?

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I've never bought a cordovan shoe but am starting to think about getting a pair from alden at 50% off. Anyhow i don't know much about cordovan because it hasn't interested me much but am looking for something new (think wingtip oxford or norwegian front from alden) and i was wondering is cordovan only a fall/winter shoe or can it be worn all year round? On a side note is the norwegian front considered to be a dress suit and can it be worn with suits?
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If you can get Alden's for 50% the cost, you should do it. Especially if by cordovan you mean shell cordovan. That's lower than what they go for on ebay, due to their scarcity on the secondary market. Alden shell cordovans generally go for 33% off on ebay. I'll wear cordovan all year long. I also think that the norwegian front is acceptable with a suit. Some people will disagree with those two ideas.
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"With heavy leather uppers and thick country soles the rugged Norwegian was built for the outdoors.  Today the most famous purveyor of the Norweigian street shoe is the French shoemaker J.M.Weston.  When the broader-shouldered clothing of the late eighties first caught hold, Weston's black semi-chasse lace-up was one of the few qualitiy shoes capable of balancing the fuller-scaled fashions"                                  Alan Flusser, Dressing the Man      Given its history I think the level of formality is on par with a Brogue and can be worn in the same way, others may have different opinions.
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I wear S/C year round in Florida. Don't pay any attention to the "it's too hot for summer argument."
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I wear mine year 'round, no problem.
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