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Shoes and last

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Ok so i'm ordering my AE fairfax's on tuesday in the chestnut for those who remember my other post. My question now is on fit. I've tried the park avenues on in and they fit in a 9D (the last runs long cause i'm usually a 10C in grensons). My question is are the fairfax's going to fit exactly the same as the park ave. because they are on the same last or is there going to be some differences?
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To the best of my knowledge, the A-E Park Avenue and Fairfax are both on the 5 last, which is the longest of the A-E lasts. This SHOULD mean that if the Park Avenue fits, so too will the Fairfax, but you really can't be absolutely sure until you try them. The difference of a full size, however, between the 9 in A-E and 10 in Grenson is surprising. My impression has been that the longer 5 last might account for a 1/2-size difference, but not a full size. I wonder whether the Grensons run true to size (I'm assuming that the 10C you note is a US sizing, not UK). Finally, is it possible (if a C-width in the Grensons is right) that a 9C in the Fairfax (and Park Avenue) might be a better fit?
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I'm guessing that the grensons don't run true to size. They were the first shoes i bought and i got a 10C that fits nicely. Since them i've bought a pair of Donald pliners in a 9.5 D and Mezlans in a 9.5D, Harris's in a 9D (that arent they greatest fit in width) and martegani in a 9D. I think i'm going to try them in a 9D as the Park ave fit nicely a C i'm worried maybe to tight?
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Shoes on the same last should fit the same. If you wear a lace-up shoe in a given last with careful lacing, I'd be wearing of getting a slip-on or monkstrap shoe on that same last since you can't use the lacing to affect the fit, but since the Park Ave and Fairfax are both lace-ups, the sizing should be exactly the same. dan
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In theory, shoes on the same last should fit equally well. In practice, they don't always. I know this for a fact with A-E's. This is why I have a very emphatic rule about not buying shoes unless I can try them on personally. If you are dealing with any kind of reputable outfit, I presume you can send them back if still pristine.
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