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Getting rid of smell of smoke

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Any suggestions for getting rid of the awful smell of smoke from clothes? I don't smoke, so I was hoping some of the smokers out there could help. Thanks in advance
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as a cigar smoker, this is always a concern to me. i've found that letting my suit air out for a while near a fan or open window for a while before putting it back in the closet helps. however, nothing seems to refresh a suit all around like hanging it up in the bathroom while my wife takes a hot shower.
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Short of dry cleaning, I'll go with what everyone else will presumably say: air. Airing them out, for me at least, is the easiest, cheapest, and least damaging way to get rid of the smell of smoke, i.e. I tried Febreze once but it left this clinical type of reek which didn't come out for a week. That being said, some materials/weaves seem more smoke sticky than others - I wore a sweatshirt and jeans to a smoky club, and the jeans took far longer to air out than the sweatshirt (both made of cotton, though the sweatshirt was a little looser weave.)
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The Sharper Image makes a closet air purifier to circulate the air in your closet and keep clothes smelling fresh. It isn't as strong as they claim, but it you put it right next to a shirt you wore to the bar the night before, then it does do the job.
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