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Steroids in Bodybuilding Redux

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In honor of the "steroids in bodybuilding" thread a while back, and the more recent one on juicing:

Drug testers show up, bodybuilders flee! They had to cancel the event because all of the bodybuilders left instead of taking a drug test.

It's of no consequence to me whether people use steroids, but I thought it was interesting that it's so pervasive in the sport. Even more interesting to me is that during the last round of testing, 25% came up clean. I would imagine you have to be pretty incredibly genetically gifted to compete with these guys without chemical help.

BRUSSELS (AP) - Ready to flex their pecs and strike a pose, bodybuilders at the Belgian championships scattered when doping officials showed up.

After a spate of positive doping tests in recent years in Belgium, the event had been moved across the Dutch border to Vlissingen for the weekend competition.

"They must have felt safe out there," doping official Hans Cooman told the Associated Press on Monday.

But Cooman and two colleagues got the necessary papers to check the tournament in the Netherlands. And when they identified themselves just before the event "” with the 20 bodybuilders weighing in and preparing themselves "” the testers drew quite a response.

The bodybuilders got up and left, preferring to quit rather than submit to doping tests. Some grabbed their gear and headed straight out the door.

"They must have been flabbergasted," Cooman said.

Bodybuilders usually take months to prepare for such championships, yet the sight of controllers was too much for them.

"I have never seen anything like it and hope never to see anything like it again," Cooman said.

Bodybuilding has a long history of doping, and Cooman said this latest flap "didn't do its reputation any good."

Last year, 22 of 29 tests were positive, either for steroids or for refusing testing, a failure rate of a staggering 75 percent.

"This was the first time though we turned up in the Netherlands," Cooman said.

Minutes before the start of the championships, before even one gleaming pose was on display, organizers had no option but to tell a few hundred fans that had come to the Arsenaal theater that there was not point in staying.

Now Cooman and his colleagues will report the case to the disciplinary committee, which will have to decide whether the bodybuilders can be punished because they refused to be tested.

A man who refused to give his name at the NABBA Belgium bodybuilding federation could not explain why the competitors had suddenly rushed off and would not discuss the matter.
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Are these the same (scandinavian) countries that ok pot smoking, prostitution, and send out countless numbers of pedophiles to SE Asia?

Ohhh.... those bad, bad depraved bodybuilders.

It's like the proverbial law eforcement agency that should be spending more time on hard criminals and less time handing out traffic tickets.
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The only problem I have weight steroids in bodybuilding is that supplement companies (and probably even TV infomercial gyms) advertise with juiced up models, and regular folks think they can get the same results for payments of $99/month or by buying the magic supplement at GNC.
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^amen. and the same results from their training.
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The Dorian Yates ProPeptide Protein and matching shaker cup will not result in a back like Dorian's.

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^even if i fill it with cement and row it all day?
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Originally Posted by crazyquik View Post
The Dorian Yates ProPeptide Protein and matching shaker cup will not result in a back like Dorian's.

You are forgetting the creatine.

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