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Canali suits on sale at C21 NYC @ $470

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on friday afternoon, overheard a salesperson mention some stock coming in, said that most of the stock was gone in a few days. on saturday, went back and asked the salesman on the balcony section (Bernard?) if he had any left in my size. there was one left in 40R which i picked up. i saw 2 more stripe suits in size 36/38 range. i personally favour the fabric on the canali versus the isaia, though isaia has more handwork on the suits. just my personal pref.
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damn wish i lived in NYC so i could pick up a good suit at a decent price, ebay has been trying my patience with poor sellers and no good products.
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demeis, if you call Century 21's suit dept and they have what you like (Canalis @ $470 and Isaias at $680 ballpark), i'd be happy to cab downtown and pick one up for you. cheers, seok
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Thanks for the heads-up. While I'm not living in proximity to NYC, one of the things I think I can demand of the kid for giving her 4 years of NYU and now Columbia grad school without leaving her with even .01 of students loans is that I could ask her to make a C21 run for me. Anyway, was there last week to check on my educational investment and found some terrific Zegna's for $500 in 40R. The blue pinstripe I wanted had a slight rip in the sleeve where it attached to shoulder. Definitely could be rewoven and I tried to get them to knock the price down even further. Salesman really didn't care; guess I could have tried to find a manager but was accompanied by a very impatient daughter who is more into graduate school than clothes so I didn't take the time. But seriously, thanks for the heads up on C21 bargains. On yet another topic, have you been to their outlet in Secaucus? Anything ever worthwhile there? Ned Soltz
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Sadly i called this morning and the lady said "we had no canali suits" and then hung up on me. So i guess its not meant to be. Sigh
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that's too bad for your wardrobe and great for your wallet demeis... fyi, bernard has an idea of what customer service is, as opposed to most other reps. i haven't been hardcore enough to make it out to Secaucus...
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Thanks for the offer though Seok. I appreciate it keep me posted if anything else comes up. The ladydidn't even check for me she just said no in poor english.
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