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general opinion on monkstraps for young guys

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Personally, I don't own a pair, but I'm considering buying some. I usually wear loafers but am looking to branch out with my shoe collection. Would monkstraps look odd on a 25yr old? I'm thinking probably not, but I'm resistant to change... My look is typically flat front pants, loose cottons/linen in the summer (think armani cuts) but more european and tailored in the fall/winter. These would be for everday wear. Should i buy a pair while they're on sale? I think i like them, but then it usually takes me a while to adjust to something new.
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I would not worry about your age. The monk is a great shoe and very versatile. I would go for it.
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If you usually wear loafers, then monkstraps are not a big leap. I would definitely do it. Assuming they are not cheap ones (well, usually even if they are) women seem to love them. If that weighs on your decision at all.
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Perhaps I'm being dim, but I don't see why anyone would think that monkstraps are age-inappropriate for a 25 year old. Button-up ankle boots with white twill from the throat of the shoe and above? Yeah, those might look a little odd on most young guys, but not monkstraps.
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A number of my 20-something year old friends wear monkstraps. Granted, many of them are by Ecco and Kenneth Cole, but they're monkstraps nonetheless.... I'm currently in the market for a set of decent plaintoe monkstrap myself. I have two pairs that I wear frequently, but they're algonquin toes with the vibram commando half soles and would not the best choice for dressier wear.
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Some of you guys may boo me when I say this, but for young guys who cannot afford expensive monk shoes, try Hugo Boss ones. I think they look extremely sleek, but cemented.
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Im a young guy and I ONLY wear monkstraps or boots (when I'm wearing dressier shoes)
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Bought this pair of Mantellasi's when I was 26 LOL... Get many compliments everytime I wear them.... You can wear monks with just about everything too...
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For those that asked, I can't really explain why I think monkstraps might seem weird on a young guy. I guess it's partly because i've never really seen any guys my age wearing them. Then again, I don't see too many wearing loafers either, but then, I suppose that's why i get so many compliments on the way I dress from girls compared to other guys i know. And geez guys, i know i haven't been a regular poster in a really long time, but a little credit please? Do you really think I'm gonna go out and buy a cheap pair of shoes? After all, remember where we all are
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GQ: Since you're asking for opinions, I would not recommend monkstraps. I'd recommend a dressier look. Maybe some Santoni tassel loafers. Or some of the ones on ebay I posted. I prefer ostrich to all other leathers. If you like them, take a look at the Vigotti Neals at Zappos.com. They're on sale for around $344. They might have your size. If you don't like those, take a look at the Belvedere Udines. Around $444. And, of course, ebay has some really nice ones for much less. In fact, I found Belvedere Sellas for around $325 (I think).
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i'm 20 i wear them. Girls love them.
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I wore them all the time from the age of about 15 or so until about 18. I'm 20 now. Ladies did, indeed, love them. I wear boots almost all of the time now.
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I'm not a young guy (only young at heart), but I bought my first pair of monkstraps in March and I love them. They're as comfortable as loafers, but my heels don't slip, so the monkstraps feel more secure. I also like the style a lot. I hesitated to buy them because I was worried that monkstraps would look out of place on a 40-something. Now I don't give it a second thought.
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