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Gianfranco ferre studio

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I am currently looking for a Gianfranco Ferre Studio tuxedo. In black silk, and wool with matching trousers, and one buttoned. About how much would it cost? Thank you.
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Hrm, Ferre isn't too expensive. I tried on a black suit for clubbing suit from them once and it was only about 1600 canadian. I don't know if it was Ferre studio or what though... Does the label have several different lines of clothes?
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Yes, they have several lines, the first being Gianfranco Ferre, the second Studio, and so on. They also have a jeans line which like Versace isn't the best. Also I remember someone telling me that Ferre's clothing is made in limited quantities, and hard to get.
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I honestly can't remember what I tried on. I'm guessing it must have been the lower line cause 1600 canadian really isn't a lot for a suit. I tried it on at a little store in montreal, I don't recall having seen Ferre anywhere else, so ya it does seem pretty scarce. If it's higher line is anywhere near the price of other high-end labels, i'd assume it would be a good 2k US. That's total speculation though.
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It was probably Studio. The Ferre collection line is very expensive--shirts are $300 and up, for example. There's a Ferre collection store here in New York on Madison Ave and there's one in LA believe, but it's hard to find. I think it's probably because he hasn't been the "in" designer for a while now and so you don't really see his stuff in the dept. store, at least here in the US.
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The other day at Barney's I saw a Ferre Studio formal black suit for $895. While not a tux I should assume it would be in this price range.
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I believe the Studio line (like the Ferre brand itself) is owned and produced by Ittierre S.p.a., the same company that (until recently) produced many of the diffusion lines in the industry from D&G to Versace jeans Couture to Extre, Malo, CNC Costume National, Just Cavalli, etc. They have licenses with Versace, Cavalli, and CN but actually own Ferre, Malo, and Exte.

That being said, if you look around you could probably find one quite reasonably. I often see them on sale at places like Off Saks. Retail would probably be in the range of D&G or slightly higher, perhaps $1100 or thereabouts.

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