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This last episode really pissed me off. Man, what a blow.
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the show is dead to me.

i think i am going to have to turn on close captioning any fucking time chibs speaks...
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Last episode was definitely a downer......but Juice is coming on strong as the best character in the show.
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terrible episode
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Not the best episode last night. The send off for Opie was about the only good part. The previews for next week look really good, though.
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the motorcycle chases and the lame music played during them are what kill the show for me.
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Sup, Ashley Tisdale. Can't wait to see Joel McHale on here. Also enjoying Jimmy Smits' performances.
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walton goggins guest appearance.....uhhh....holy shit!
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Goggins was great. Can't wait for Justified to come back. When Jax opened that cooler at the end......I was expecting something else.
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tigs facial expressions throughout those scenes were fucking priceless.
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So fucking mad at the finale. They killed the wrong person, should've been Peg Bundy but stupid Sutter is married to her.
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Is Maggie Siff packing or wot! nod[1].gif
saw her on the afterword segment with Sutter and Sagal and noted Maggie's impressive rack. Gonna miss her.cry.gif
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