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Sign, I miss my old 5 months un-cut hairdo... Always a salon btw, unless I need a short fade for business, then a barber, since most women have no idea what to do with clippers.
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Originally Posted by Tokyo Slim
I haven't cut my hair in almost two years.
Right on, no-haircut brother.
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A few years ago, I started going to a salon where the entire process took about three hours and cost close to $100 equivalent. It was intimidating, so I didn't go often.

Once I entered professional life and wanted a modest, conservative haircut, I started going to a 10-minute 1000 Yen barber shop about once every two weeks. I just tell them to clean it up and get a perfect cut every time for a minimal investment of time and money.
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Originally Posted by Flame
Sign, I miss my old 5 months un-cut hairdo...

Always a salon btw, unless I need a short fade for business, then a barber, since most women have no idea what to do with clippers.

Depending what state you are in that is more a function of training than of women themselves. In states such as Arizona, there are separate cosmetology and barber licenses and separate examinations, curricula, boards et.c.
Cosmetologists spend more time "prepping" hair, processing it with chemicals, "up-dos", curling irons. Barbers spend more time with clippers, straight-razors, more of a "mechanical" approach than a "chemical" approach if you like . In California on the other hand, both licenses are rolled in to one. Depends on the company/salon, also - some places hire only one specialty or the other.
Anyhow, in many cases more it seems women than men go for the cosmetology license. When my wife was at school, there were certainly more men than women (she trained as a barber). I am biased of course but I think it takes more skill to be a good barber than a good cosmetologist
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There's not enough time. So, I send mine out!

Speaking of time, there wasn't enough to get it right the first time. But, there was enough to get it right the second time! Oh, well . . . it's late here in Minsk and we are drinking some 1971 Bodegas Santo Tomas Cabernet! Is it still Mexican wine if we brought it from California and are drinking it in Belarus?
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I've basically had the same haircut since it started growing on my head. Port-side side parting, short back and sides, slight forelock. I have to second RJman's recommendation of Taylor's in Jermyn Street - i try to go there when I'm in London.

Other than that, there's an old local barber here who charges the equivalent of $75 for a basic haircut (this is Scandinavia, where even the Japanese tourists complain about the prices).
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Barber: $12, with a $3 dollar tip.

Frou-frou salon: $35, with a $5 dollar tip if she doesn't piss me off that day with a slipped appointment schedule due to her female patronesses not being able to get there on time.

I choose one or the other depending on the circumstances of my calendar.

My son, only uses the barber, same one as me. Ms. M8 does some high-end frou-frou salon.

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It's been about 6 months since I had a haircut, and I want to keep it growing for a while.

But before that, I'd cut it myself every 6 weeks or so, just using a clippers with 1/4" attachment. It'd grow out a bit and look good with a bit of pomade, but once it got to the stage where it was too long and looked funny I'd cut it again. Beats paying $20 when you can do it yourself for free in 10 minutes.
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Aside from my tastes for the vintage and oddly elegant, I like the trendy hair salons full of thin people in black.
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Went to a barber for the first 18 years of my life. I really hated it. I would come out with those cuts where it would never look right until it had "grown in" for a week or so.

When I moved and began attending University, I started going to a salon. Got a suggestion from a gay male friend and have been going there ever since. It is SO worth it. It makes haircuts actually kind of fun. I love the shampoo and the massage, drink if you ask for it, music in the background, etc. It is kind of a fun experience.

Edit: Forgot to add that it is ~30$ plus about 6$ for a tip.
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Originally Posted by Nick M
Right on, no-haircut brother.

Yeah, the last time I got my hair cut was in Chiba, on the way from Narita to Tokyo. I had to wait 20 minutes for my haircut, but entertained myself with EGG and Shibuya15 magazines. They did a decent job of cutting my hair, but the shave and massage sort of freaked me out.

I just decided to grow my hair out after that. When people ask, I tell them it's a biblical thing, or that I'm donating it to cancer kids, or something.
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Originally Posted by Kent Wang
Do you go to a barbershop or a frou-frou salon? I go to the latter, namely Avant, one of the Top 10 salons in the country and certainly the best one in town.
I used to live in ATX and I used to go there, and then my hairdresser left and I left with her... it got too difficult to get an appt and I tried the Vietnamese salons for a while, gf didn't like that much, so swithced to going to Hairy Situations on S Congress... I am still looking for a good place to go in south bay...
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anyone in Wash, DC metro try the grooming lounge? i read about it in GQ or esquire or something. it looks nice (pricey and i have some other issues with it, but still).
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I've been looking for a haircut in Austin for a while now... my hair is about 8 inches long now. I'm trying to move away from $9 haircuts. Guess I'll have to check Avant out though I've never been to a 'salon' before.
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I am revising my opinion completely, I think the ratings are crap. My stylist jumped ship to Bella which I think is a much much better salon, and they don't only sell Aveda products. I actually left her on the advice of a friend for a less attractive but more competent stylist that has her own one-person salon. It's $15 with $5 tip and I feel that I get just as good if not better haircut. The idea of paying more money to flirt with a pretty girl while having my hair cut is too close to prostitution for my comfort.
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