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horizontal stripped business shirts

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i finally rewatched the movie, wall street, and am i the only person who found the whole horizontal stripped business shirt look just wrong on so many levels? i don't know what the rules are, but i'm sure it must have broken some and not in a good way either. the thing that i especially disliked about the whole concept was that the collars and sleeves had veritcal stripes, while the body had horizontal stripes. it just didn't look right, as it gave us this visual effect of clashing lines. i found it too distracting where it brought the viewer's eye to the clashing shirt, and not to the face of the wearer. its like the little boy who shouts at his mom to watch him as he rides his bicylc without using his hands. the whole concept just seemed as if it was desparately trying too hard to attract attention. and, i'm not sure if something so obviously affected and trendy really belongs in a business uniform.
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I think it is a horrible look. BB brought back some of these horizontal bengel stripes recently. Truly awful.
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We touched on this topic briefly before, but more with mixing stripes. It can be found here
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Over at Ask Andy, Tutee posted this image from Apparel Arts, Summer 1935: Note the horizontal striped shirt, fwiw.
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I've thought about wearing horizontal striped shirts to give me the illusion of more bulk, but I really don't like them. I agree with esquire: it gives the impression of the little boy looking for attention. I do think the horizontal stripe works for me in Tutee's picture, but only because so little of the shirt shows. It really is overpowered by the suit.
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There was actually a much bigger discussion of this topic a while back on here. I believe that Alex Kabbaz designed the shirt in question (along with most of the other shirts in the movie). I think the consensus was that the look had its time - i.e. the 80's - but is not as popular today. I personally still own one those shirts - blue and white horizontal stripes, with white collar and cuffs (purchased not long after the movie came out). It's kind of fun to wear with a solid blue suit once in a while, but it definitely is a bit of a dated look IMHO. Bradford
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