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The '70s had particularly grand accessories--lots of bronze and heavy poured/cast metal things. Also lucite.

Yes...yellow and white metals were equally used in abundance. The luxo masculine dark look was my favorite...give me a theatrically lit Jay Spectre designed apartment overlooking the Park, complete with Karl Springer coffee table, a Pomodoro bronze on a pedastal and a coyote bedspread.

Once the 80's were in full swing, it was a hodge-podge of post modernsism, minimalist modernism, tacky neo-deco influences, shabby chic and the rise of Martha Stewart.

It was a self-indulgent era, moreso than the generally austere "mid-century" that people keep harping on about.

Yea...too much of the eamesy-peamesy look I can't's just too much utility...not enough sex. This look was fine in a corporate office in a Mies office building. That's the other thing about the 70s...the last gasp of unabashed hedonism before the age of "safe sex" took the wind right out of the sails (mostly for good). People even...gasp...smoked!!!