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70's interior design scans

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Found this while looking for bachelor pad examples.

50's scans are posted later.

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i'm of the opinion that the 70's was generally bad design-i'm thinking of avacado or turquoise shag carpet when i say this. I like the top pic though. Grab Linda Carter and watch Planet of the Apes.
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I like the pot of cigarettes in the middle photo. How times have changed... Thanks for posting btw, that link is great!
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The '60s and '70s were the heyday of the bachelor pad. Some of those interiors are pretty groovy whereas others are abortive.
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LK's summer retreat. The 1970's are all but dead in Reno.
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Originally Posted by Treen View Post
I like the pot of cigarettes in the middle photo. How times have changed...

I was browsing movie reviews recently and saw a film got a PG-13 rating for it's depiction of smoking.
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Originally Posted by Treen View Post
I like the pot of cigarettes in the middle photo. How times have changed...

That's what stood out most to me as well. Even a simple ashtray in a home is rare these days.
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In the suburban neighborhood where I grew up, one of the older men kept his entire early-1960s bachelor pad in his garage well into the 1980s. He had stored all of the furniture in the garage after getting married, but gradually reconstructed his old pad one step at a time, like a museum exhibit. He even installed carpeting and an air conditioner in the garage. When I was younger I thought it was kind of freaky, but I now think it was an extremely cool thing to do.
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The 70s was horrifying time, and people generally freaked the fuck out, especially at the end of the decade. Those wall units were a curse in the late 70s and 80s. In their nervousness and general existential dread, people bought and collected way too much shit, and then they went out and bought those things in an attempt to store all that shit. A large percentage of that stuff was shabbily made. Naked particleboard two-by-three stacking storage unites had its vogue as children's furniture. Looked like shit and sagged in the middle of every shelf. Finally Americans gave up on efficient modular storage units and just went in for huger fucking houses. The wall units were the first signs of the coming McMansion era.
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Some of those modular wall-units that came from Scandinavia are quite nice and chic.
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70´s Wall Systems - Who said they lacked coolness? + some other stuff I think is nice. Jørgen Høvelskov: Poul Nørreklit (the one with Plexiglas is super mega nice) Poul Nørreklit desk Hydraulic bar by Kai Kristiansen:
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I love high-end '70s design. It's the main source of inspiration for the interiors of my own house.
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I love high-end '70s design. definitely have to separate high design from mainstream. It was a very decadent decade, where things were either very bad...or very good. But I don't find the "70's" a fluid decade in terms of style...the early 70's were more of a wind-down from the late 60's, or a "blank" transition period, whereas the late 70's/early 80's were more of a coherent period of design. The period of 1977-1982 stands out as a very distinct era of style for me. I also think AIDS had a much bigger effect on style than people give it credit for.

I like the 70's, because despite it being labeled as the decade that taste forgot, at least it was original, as opposed to the overly retro-inspired era we have lived in for some time now. It seems we are indeed putting fresh ideas and designs out there, which is good...because we are running out of bad 70's tv shows to re-make into films.
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The '70s had particularly grand accessories--lots of bronze and heavy poured/cast metal things. Also lucite.

It was a self-indulgent era, moreso than the generally austere "mid-century" that people keep harping on about.
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Growing up, pretty much everything in our house was from the 70s. The captions on that site are hilarious. The thing that I absolutely hated growing up were the fake tropical plants everywhere. I just don't get it. Every mothafukkin' nook and cranny had to have the illusion of its own sustainable ecosystem. I am incapable of having a house plant to this day.
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