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I don't wear jeans and I have absolutely no knowledge about them. I see Loro Piana selling jeans of different colours every season, and even Brioni sells jeans now, but that doesn't really mean anything. What would be the Kiton or Brioni of jeans?
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45 rpm maybe, although Burgus Plus and Samurai have some awesome offerings... priced like MTM Kiton pants
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You can't compare Brioni with jeans labels. Jeans are mainly fashion clothes which you often change after 2-4 seasons, but i think that Helmut Lang makes the best jeans.
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Thanks, T4 and Tex. My question is, what makes it a good pair of jeans?
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I would say a good pair of jeans has a very nice cut, high-end materials and a nice design. You should always look where the jeans has been produced. I made the best experiences with jeans that were made in Italy, but it is hard to tell you what is the best for you. A Jeans should fit the rest of your individual clothing style.
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Resident jean experts mostly reside in the style forum, but should hopefully chime in soon to answer your question definitively. Features of good jeans include good, flattering cuts and washes, but mainly denim quality - there are different ways that it is spun that I am not too sure on the details of but the experts can definitely help in this category. Construction is also important - stitching quality and such.
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