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How much does a solid white Charvet shirt go for at BG?
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How much does a solid white Charvet shirt go for at BG?
Give Bergdorf Goodman a pass if your in anyway fit. Charvet offers slimmer-fitting shirts in Europe; only tents for these big American boys. Buy your shirt at 28 Place Vendome in Paris for 275 euros and then go out and enjoy a good bottle of Bordeaux. Alternatively, you may FAX or phone your order to Michel Dussottier at Charvet: Phone 01 42 60 30 70 FAX 01 42 96 27 07
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How efficient is the Vietnamese Postal Service? I think if you do end up taking the idea seriously, I'm just curious about the turn around time. Thick as thieves have their stuff made in China and the turn around time seems incredibly quick.

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i think the workmanship is OK. Good if you show them a ton of pics and insist on details being matched etc etc - then theyll do quite well. left to their own devices...well.....as another expat once told me about Vietnam "the only place ive ever lived where people will spend three hours looking for ways to cut corners on a 20 minute job"

yeah, i import my own cloth for suits - made 2, 1 to go when i get time to do it. Been basically happy with the results.

Cost hovers between $50-60 for tailoring on full canvas suits

Trousers I dont care so much (its 90+ most days here, so I seldom wear a jacket) - i settle for look good, drape well, feel nice with those.

Suits Im more fussy of course and insist on nice cloth, which I buy on eBay from a guy (how6955) in England.
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I would go to Barney's on Madison Avenue and ask for a plain white Kiton and Isaia and try them on. Both are great shirts. The Kiton is my favorite, above Borrelli and Charvet, with Isaia often a close second. A Kiton shirt can run $500, $600 and up if you get fancy fabrics and patterns. Several forum members have said recently that they bought plain white Kiton shirts at Barney's for $350. I have bought plain white Kiton shirts in the last year for as little as $200-$250 on sale or on eBay.

Borrelli and Charvet are also excellent. A lot of it is just which one fits your build the best and has the best collar and details that you like. At that price insist upon trying them on. Good luck!
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