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Fray shirt...

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wow... someone snatch this up, i'm not sure it's exactly my style, but it is a GREAT fray shirt. think they are considered even better than borrelli. (actually, i'm working on buying a new suit, and my wife may physically threaten me if i buy this Fray shirt, as well.)
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I wouldn't put them above Borrelli, but Fray is certainly fact, the buttons are even thicker(.) (if you can believe it).
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What's with the matching tie? Do Fray shirts usually come like this? The look reminds me of DeNiro in Casino; not too elegant IMO.
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Neiman Marcus did those spring of '01. The shirt/tie combination actually looks pretty cool, but only if you're in the upper echelons at your company, or work in retail. I got the lime green version (pistachio?) sans tie about this time last year. Great fabric, awesome shirt. My guess is the seller picked it up in Tempe at Last Call.
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I actually like the matching shirt and tie combination. It can look very striking against a solid suit. Be warned, however, that women will probably stop thinking of you as well-dressed and start thinking of you as a fancy-man if you wear it into the office, on a date, essentially any place and occasion other than a "creative" dress-up occasion.
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Pretty cool. Pretty... LBJ, but pretty cool. And I wouldn't mind in the least being mistaken for a fancy-man - if anyone sees one of these shirt/tie combos on eBay in size 14.5, share the love and let me know... Thanks, Nick.
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