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Edward Green Golf Shoes

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Yummy. Blue/white.
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Crap, those are my size exactly. Might be enough to get me to take up golf.
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Those are insanely cool.
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I'm not sure why the auction description says these are "narrow fit." D width in the 202 last is the same as D width in US sizing (not C width). Note that the description says there's a small scratch on one side -- I don't see it in the pictures though.
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Please forgive my ingorance, but could these be de-golfed. In other words, could one have removed the cleat-like things on the bottom and make them into regular shoes? (Obviously I am not a serious golfer).
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If they're leather soled with the cleats built into the sole, you can simply have them resoled with a regular sole.
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all golf shoes I've seen have removable soft spikes. My guess is that you can at least have a "flat" sole for walking around, although you'll see the threading for the spikes to be screwed in if you remove the soft spikes.
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I'm certain the spikes can be removed - all golf shoes are designed this way to allow replacement of worn spikes. The question here is how far into the sole and heel do the threaded receptacles go ? That would determine how much work would be needed to make them "regular" shoes. Or - maybe some type of plug would work?
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How acceptable is it to wear golf shoes when not on the course? I think the colors and broguing on these are a little too garish for my tastes though.
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The threading should be no more than 1/4".
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i play alot of golf and have a pair of brown alligator leather soled soft spikes just like those. you can remove the spikes very easily and wear them as regular shoes. as said there will be small holes that are threaded for the soft spikes left on the sole but if your getting a great price who cares who sees the bottom of your shoes. i personally would never wear that color on or off the course. those are blue and white correct? or am i seeing things?
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Has anyone bought or custom-ordered golf shoes from EG? Do you think dainite soles would be better than leather?

What do you think about wingtip specs as golf shoes? I kinda prefer saddles.
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Is it possible to have a Dainite sole with spikes? A store close to me has some EG golf shoes on display and I've been thinking about getting some as well. What keeps me away from it is than the shoes have wooden pivots and that I somehow doubt the shoes ability to deal with wet weather or a wet course. Another thing is the fit because of the changing thickness of socks during the seasons. I really like this design in the picture though and as far as I know you can have every EG shoe as a golf shoe.
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Unless you only play in fair weather or have several pair, the best golf shoes have a veltschoen welt to keep the wet out. EG offers that in only two of its models, or used to, one of them being the Gleneagle.
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