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after getting the story from members in one of my recent posts, if you ask me this is a GREAT shoe for $325-- lots of excellent work appears to have gone into these shoes: R. Martegani italian shoes, several pairs of brown/ numerous shades and antiquing.  I'll almost bet you get more positive comments from women wearing a pair of these than you would wearing Brooks Brothers shoes, if it matters to ya...
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Thanks everyone for all the replies. I went with the Peal cap toes in dark brown. I believe they are made by C&J. They are beautiful shoes. I ended up paying $255 for them with the sale and 10% off. I bought the shoes in a 10D. Does anyone know what the equivalent size is in other shoe makers? I read Peal requires a smaller size due to its fit.
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Yanks2182: I am usually a 10D in dress shoes, and my Peal Algonquins fit me pretty well in that size. Actually to me, they look more narrow than most of my other shoes, but don't really fit that way. And I really like them.... for me they were pretty much an upgrade from Johnston & Murphys which are still in good shape, but have seen far less "foot time" since I got the Peals. Not sure if that will help you since you got a different model, and mine are black, but FWIW, there you go. Good luck. I think you made a great choice.
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If you are talking about the captoe balmoral, I own that particular model in 10D.  I think it is made by Alfred Sargent.  It runs slightly on the large side, but not uncomfortably so.  I am a small 10 (occasionally wear 9 1/2), so if you are a large 10, you may find it a good fit.
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Marteganis for sure. I bought a pair from one of the members here (, and can't recommend him highly enough. Excellent service, beautiful shoes, he'll even send you a swatchbook of leathers to choose from. Rider is who you want to talk to when it comes to the Marteganis. He carries some other brands also, although I have not tried those. My experience with him was the best I have had when shopping for quality shoes. And I really love my Marteganis. An extremely high quality shoe, and very attractive also. I get compliments on mine all the time. I even got a girl's number because she said she found a man in wingtips irresistable. Heh heh. You can't go wrong there. Personally, I really love these: So anyway, I can speak to the quality of and the quality of the Marteganis. Both are excellent. I believe the quality of the shoe and of the service at both exceed the price he charges for the shoes.
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For a conservative office environment I liked these three a lot... Brooks by peal Marteganis: And ....In the end I think I'd go with that last shoe since I don't have any quite like it.  Anyone else reading the thread who is also looking for a conservative brown pair as a foundation item you ought to give Ron a call - he'll break down the shoes for you and really take the time to work with you. (I am not allowed to buy shoes for a while :-) )
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Those Marteganis look beautiful. Carlo: I went with the captoe Peal shoes at Brooks Brothers. I really love them so far. After buying 3 suits and 1 new pair of shoes in the last month, I think I need to refrain from buying those Marteganis. It's hard to have self control since I'm such an impulse buyer, but life in NYC is expensive.
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