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Fairway & Greene

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What does everyone think of this line? It is mostly sold in golf shops, but Stockton's here in Atlanta sell the golf shirts for $85-$110. I got a few and think very highly of them, despite the fact that they are made in Korea. I'll match the quality against Lacoste or Polo any day; they do not get dingy nearly as rapidly, after repeated washes. The really good news is that Filene's sells them for $19.99. I bought 4 of them at its Union Square store early this month.
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I'm not a fan of the fit for me personally, but they are a steal at the FB price and they have fabrics that are better than Polo for sure. Some nice designs as well, at least for use while playing golf.
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I saw them once in Filene's Basement but didn't really take the time to check them out thoroughly. $19.99 is a great price though. JN3 you said you didn't like the fit. What is the fit like?
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Do the polos have a logo on the chest? How will people know how fashionable you are?
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