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15% member discount

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Dear Style Forum Members: Over the past few weeks, I have been fortunate enough to come into possession of over $15,000 in authentic, brand new Alfred Dunhill clothing items: 100% mercerized cotton casual shirts, dress shirts, wool outerwear, 100% cashmere sweaters, golf apparel made of high-tech materials, and more. All made in Europe to the highest standards of sartorial quality. My eBay store, Euroluxe, will begin selling these Dunhill brand items on October 27, 2003. The sale will last through December 31, 2003, with new items being added almost weekly. As a show of appreciation for all the knowledge I have gained from members of this forum over the past year, Euroluxe is offering a 15% discount to all members of The Style Forum. If you win at auction, just contact us and tell us your Registered Username from The Style Forum. We'll take 15% off of your final winning bid amount*. That's it - simple and easy. *The 15% Member Discount only applies to Dunhill brand items won at auction during the range of dates shown above. You must be a registered user of The Style Forum as of October 27, 2003 to garner the discount. No exceptions. Enjoy.
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Oh man, what a find. I can't wait to take a look at some of the stuff.
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Alright, fine, twist my arm why don't you? Here's a sneak peak at some of the items that will be going on sale next week (the images are large and may take a while to load): **<NOTE: FIRST IMAGE REMOVED BY AUTHOR -- SEE BELOW FOR MORE INFORMATION>** IMAGE #2: ***SOLD..*** IMAGE #3: ***SOLD..*** IMAGE #4: ***SOLD..*** Image #5 Many more to come over the next several weeks.
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Hello, Those are some nice shirts. By the way any leather articles? Thank you.
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Most of the shirts look great, but the first is almost certainly an Asian-made knockoff. Do you see why?
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I didn't like the first too much, but I'd be interested to know what clues you used to get to that conclusion, just so I'd have future reference since I do a lot of ebay shopping myself.
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I may very well be wrong and I really really do not want to offend anybody. I live in Asia, and I travel quite alot within Asia and I am very familiar with counterfeit goods. I think the first shirt (blue, with a huge DUNHILL monogrammed on the sleeve) is a fake, and may I even guess that it's made in China. Tell tale signs: 1) the stitching seems very bad; 2) double-needle stitching is used (this point is arguable because some respectable shirts of some well known clothing brands do use double-needle stitiching too); 3) the label says "100% Pure Cotton". A company such as Dunhill (plus it's British) should have someone good enough to know it should be "100% Cotton" or "Pure Cotton" instead of what is stated; 4) the buttons look really plasticky and the word "Dunhill" is splashed too "untastefully generously" on the shirt. I see such shirts a lot in China. You see Hugo Boss, Dunhill, Timberland, Lacoste... These shirts usually cost less than USD 10.00 even at retail. I am sorry if I am wrong.
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Hmm, the white shirt with the pink windowpane looks really nice, but I'll have to second My View's opinion of the first shirt - the last time I was in Hong Kong, I saw entire wagon-loads of shirts in a similar configuration, usually sold in market stalls next to counterfeit DVDs and VCDs. Button-down collar, size tag in the same spot, big logo on the pocket, cuff, and plastic buttons, usually Versace or Hugo Boss - the Versace shirts came in a black cardboard box, which had written upon it: "VERSACE: THE MSATER SHIRT MAKER" (sic). Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. It's possible it's a coincidence - after all, a shirt is a shirt. If you have a shot of the fabric-care label I could probably tell you for sure...
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Well, it's VERY interesting that you all point this out about the first shirt -- it is the ONLY one I am selling that I did NOT get over the past few weeks. I bought it from an eBay seller some months ago and as soon as I tried it on, it seemed odd. It definitely was not a 16"/34" as the tag suggests -- it is much smaller. So, I believe you all are right that this ONE shirt is a counterfeit. I will pull it from my sale and discard it. I'll put up more pictures later of other items to underscore their authenticity. Thanks for your eagle-eye attention. All the more reason why I am offering members of this forum "thanks" via the discount. Warmly,
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[quote]** vero, can you please put the first picture back up. I would like to see it and examine the traits which others have found. Always trying to educate myself.
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No. I do not want my name or my brand name associated with counterfeits. Leaving it up there with my brand name in the image is unacceptable to me. Perhaps later I will put up a different picture of the same shirt for the benefit of detecting counterfeits. I may also put up a picture of the same shirt going up in flames thanks to lighter fluid and a match.
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UPDATE: I went ahead and started auctions on seven Dunhill short sleeve shirts. Some examples are shown below. These shirts end October 30. Enjoy. SOLD. Dunhill Image #2
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I now have 15 short sleeve shirts and 1 dress shirt out on eBay to kick off the Dunhill sale. More dress shirts and cool weather items coming soon. I, uh, couldn't resist and decided to keep one of the 100% cashmere sweaters for myself.  Soooo nice.
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Well, I had an eBay buyer from California (a non-forum member) track me down and call me on the phone to inquire about all the Dunhill items I have. He ended up buying a third of my inventory at top prices on the spot. He bought all of the cashmere sweaters and all the golf jackets. Sorry about that guys. Still, I have two-thirds more to go. More Dunhill items to come over the next two months -- all at 75% to 85% off retail. Here's some examples of what I have on eBay right now... don't forget the 15% discount for eligible forum members. Dunhill Image #1 Dunhill Image #2 Dunhill Image #3 Dunhill Image #4
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