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And here is your winner, folks! Albert hit the nail on the fucking head...I owe you at least one can of PBR when I am out in LA.

Originally Posted by whodini View Post
I'm reminded of one my favorite films of all-time, "The Tao of Steve," specifically the scene where Dex explained that you shouldn't accept love advice from your sister since it was like "doing your research in the wrong library."

Mauro, I think you're asking the wrong people. What if you had the Goat (or another slave, like Ana) help you hit a few womens fashion forums with a completely honest approach? For example, sign up with Fashion Spot, Purse Forum, etc. and ask THEM (the ladies) what they look for in a store when they're shopping in person or online. You could keep it anonymous (don't mention your site) or work it out with the moderators so that a legitimate contest could evolve that could in turn help out that forum.

Another idea along the same line would be to simply create a survey that links through the website/blog and asks specific questions about demographics and how to improve the site. The WOMAN/WOMEN with the best replies would get Farinelli $ toward their next purchase.
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I can't wait to see the coherent, thoughtful feedback Mauro gets from TFS.

- Are you hooked up with the people at BYT ( or Project Beltway? Their stuff makes me cringe at least a little but they're what passes for hip online pubs in DC. Outreach there might help, maybe a shopping party. How much is print advertising in the Express? Lotta people read that. I know you're already doing DailyCandy but do the Post Scout e-mail too.

- You had a good angle at DB as a denim guru (the guy who will make you look good in jeans)--do you not want to exploit that as much?

- I know the Web site has already been mentioned--I think the design is fine, but I think two things would help A LOT--live inventory and DAILY updates. I don't know how you admin the site, but the front page should be FRESH all the time. I know you/Goat post on the blog a lot, but post a live link in a news section to the updates.

- Do some of your photography in DC. That may not be standard for a Web site that needs to appeal nationally, but I think it would appeal locally to see people wearing stuff in a recognizable context.

PS not trying to win anything
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Thanks guys.
You have came up with a lot of wonderful ideas.

I have tried fashionshows,blogs,sales,contacting sororities, passing our flyers and more.
All have failed.

I think the problem are:

A. The economy. Stazy is correct. Girls/women aren't shopping like they were a couple years ago.
(not to mention DC girls are the most stylish).

B. My location. Even though my location has heavy foot traffic the girl her is more conservative .
I should be in DC.
The DC college kids and young professionals simply dont want to leave the city. As silly as it is it's true.

C. I am a new store. Yes I have/had the Denim Bar and i am dubbed "the DC jeans guru" but "Farinellis" is new and now isn't the best time to shop/

D. Brands- the womens brands I carry might be to advanced for my demographic.
I carry amazing womens lines. 75% are CFDA winnners or nominees. They receive sick press ( which I am trying to tap into). The women that come to shop LOVE the clothes but don't understand where to wear them.

E. I get crazy press ( thank god!) but in the end it's not translating to sales and I think it's a direct result with point A, B, and D

F. I have A LOT of people in the area who don't like me. Just read the post on the guy/girl wrote on the lost boyz video
Not that it matters that much I have been in the Biz for 12 years and I have a great reputation and give excellent customers service , product, and am honest with my customers.

G. I am working on Private label and a few collaborations and it's sucking up a lot of time from me at the store.

H. I am older now ( in age only) and with a kid it's harder to go out and socialize like I should.

I. some of the socialites here I have contacted and again won't leave the city for free shit to wear. I am offering clothes in return they are my muse.
We are talking dresses that cost around 600.00 worn by celebes and still nada.
( what guy on this forum doesn't want free shit and wouldn't drive or metro 10mins to come in and get chicks are funny like that.

J. I am working on SEO but haven't pulled the trigger. i am speaking with two firms now. I am also weary about SEO because done wrong I am fucked.

K. thew local press loves me ( and I love them) however they can only wrote so much about me and the store.

L. parties don't work well. The younger kids come for the free food and booze with no intention of buying anything. The older people know what I am about and hang out here anyway which is more intiment and I think they enjoy that level of service.

I appreciate all the help. It's fun to throw these contests and I am so apprecative for the support you guys give. I would love to just sell to the forum ( if it could pay the and I had the measurements up so people wouldn't ask the same fucking questions).

I have a couple winners in mind and will PM you. I am open to more ideas before the thread digresses and spins out of control.

Kunk - are we meeting up for dinner this Sunday???

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How about your own version of What Not To Wear? You could pull in people off the street, show them how much better they look in your clothes, and then offer a steep discount if you can put pics of the transformation online (blog).
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The only (legal) way to get women to do what you want is through the promise of sushi. Ergo, you need to put fishes in the pockets of your clothes. Also, stop playing High on Fire in teh store. Girls hate High on Fire. (Also, my girlfriend is a big fan of the Tobi and their internet coupons/free shipping/no sales tax.)
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I am in talks to do a TV show now (if I get it it WILL be brutal).

High on fire WTF is that !?!

All of my internet stuff is free shipping and tax free ( unless you live in VA then shiping is free)
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Originally Posted by Mauro View Post
I am in talks to do a TV show now (if I get it it WILL be brutal).

High on fire WTF is that !?!

All of my internet stuff is free shipping and tax free ( unless you live in VA then shiping is free)

Yeah High on Fire isn't gonna attract the ladies. I made the store a mix with the new Sunn 0))) though, so its all good.
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I would create a promotion targeted specifically to sororities. DC is full of them, the women are young and fashion conscious & often have their Daddy's credit card. You can contact them directly, possibly with a well-produced mailer that you could address specifically to them) & offer them a certain % off anything they purchase--say in the month of June. You can also let them know that you're looking to expand your women's collection & get specifc input about what they'd like you to stock.
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maybe you should try advertising on forums where the general population of women is more than styleforum, which seems to be around 1% or maybe less.
in terms of walk in sales, i think maybe the economy is screwing you over, so you might have to wait it out. most advertising basically tends to come off as tacky and lame. please dont go via the route of the used car salesman

constructive or not, these are my 2 cents, doubt i will win anything heh.

sorry if i insulted anyone.
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Be careful of "stealth" marketing on forums, of course. You see how it works out here.
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A few more comments...

A lot of people are pushing the mailing list angles. You've got to be really careful with mailing lists in my experiance. I know girls who willingly glance through all of their bulk shopping emails to see what sales are on but I know a lot of people who despise those sorts of mailings.

Few hints on this:
-Do not email too much (e.g. if you get tagged as spam too much on gmail, ALL subscribers will stop seeing your emails---BAD)
-Put the right info in the subject line. You may want to entice them to read the message by not telling them everythign in the subject but you are probably better off making the subject contain real information about sales or whatever so they can absorb it just by glancing at your email.
-Put pertinant info first. Make sure it loads quick and everythign important can be read without scrolling in a standard half-screen email window.
-Clear and easy unsubscribe. People are total morons about this, I get emails all the time asking to be removed from lists that have standard listhost unsubscribe setups. I ignore them because I am not worried about my lists being tagged spam but this is not true for you. Make it easy to take yourself off the list while making it clear that they signed up for it, this goes hand in hand with hint #1.
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mauro, sunday dinner should work. looking forward to it.
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Make a separate blog just for women, and only let women write it.
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do you do anything with the Georgetown Students? I'm sure advertising in their paper, or putting up fliers would be easy. Many places also give discounts to students if they show their schools ID card.
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Originally Posted by Mauro View Post

I have tried fashionshows,blogs,sales,contacting sororities, passing our flyers and more.
All have failed.

^ People seemed to have missed this.
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