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Need recommendations for new jeans

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I apologize if I missed an existing thread on this topic, but I didn't see anything that covers my question. I need to replace my Diesel Kuratts with a quality jean in a darker wash that's maybe a slight bit looser. As I recall, the Kuratts were categorized as a loose or relaxed fit, but they're tighter on me due to soccer legs. I need to stick with a medium rise and straight legs and I'm thinking the care and feeding of raw denim might be a bit much for me. Thanks for any suggestions. dan
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maybe rogan or apc english style.
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The care and feeding of raw denim is only for us denim freaks. I would say APC Rescue is a great replacement. They are raw and a nice dark denim. They will of course fade over the years with consistent washing. The only issue I think you could have is the length - I know a lot of people dont like to get their jeans hemmed, and they only come in 36" Quite simply, 99% of people can wear raw denim just like any other denim. Infrequent washing (maybe once every week or every two weeks) is certainly a good idea that doesn't require any hardcore attention. The only other thing is that you'd have to hang dry them. Not sure if that's an issue or not.
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Do you really have to hang dry them? I'd imagine that if you toss them in the dryer a few times and they shrink down to exactly where you want you will then have to take no special laundering precautions.
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I really like the Rogan Original Tragic jeans. fairly loose, slash pockets, twisted seam, and its a nice wash imo.
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Thanks for the recs so far. I'll see if I can find a store where I can try on some APCs and Rogans. dan
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you missed the rogan sample sale about a month ago. anyhow, I personally love my nudies RR dry selvage, but I think for someone who might not be able to do what most denim aficionados do... my banker friend in nyc resorts to nice quality denim and washes, his first pair were kuratts as well, but if he wore dry jeans, it would take him too many years to actually get a good 6 months in. anyhow, he did enjoy the pre distressed washes from nudie, but he didn't like the cut, and he decided on a pair of earnest sewn. I personally have too many paper denim jeans, and earnest sewn jean washes are a bit too similar to ones I own already for my taste. I think paper and earnest sewn are better quality jeans than some other more main stream brand, however there is a lack of quality for the inseam (inconsistency). anyhow, main question is do you want a nice pair of jeans, or do you want to be different from what many people wear.
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