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I just ordered a pair of suede Trickers with rubber soles from B&S. I love suede bucks and thought this would be an interesting alternative to wear with denim and sport coats. I will post some pics when they arrive. I sure hope they fit, I hear Trickers vary a lot depending upon the last.
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Originally Posted by Kill the DJ View Post
Hey, I'm trying to figure out some sizing stuff. I'm almost certainly going to get the Malton with a Commando sole, which only comes in the wider 6 fitting. Anyone have any insight on this? Is it significantly wider? I'm already going to be sizing down 1/2 size since I've heard the country collection requires it.
I haven't tried the 6 fitting (and have no reason to), but the 5 fitting country last is already wider than 5 fitting city lasts at the same size. Sizing down 1/2 size did not work for me. The boot is wide enough -- maybe a touch too wide, even -- but too short. Unfortunately for my budget, 4 fitting boots are only available by special order.
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Just for info theres a pair of Trickers Lambourn in Beechnut for sale here

Theyre a UK7.5 and it looks a very very good steal at only £90 plus post, they normally go for around £270 Someone here should get these theyre lovely !!!!
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I am a tricker's fan now ... I just recieved these from B&S and they are really nice. They seem to be pretty well made, though some might consider the thick sole clunky.

For $125, they are worth every penny.
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I've been buying Tricker's shoes for quite a while... I've always been very happy with them...








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Just got myself some Lambourne in Beechnut waiting for their arrival
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If I may contribute to

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Seems they don't make a narrow width shoe, is that correct?
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Lovely Boots N what's the damage? From shoe healer?
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Originally Posted by walneal View Post
Lovely Boots N
what's the damage? From shoe healer?

Thank you! Indeed, I asked to "Shoe healer" for this MTO. I paid 295 GBP...
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Any idea where I can get a pair like the one in the pics below. This is on sale on ebay right now but not in my size.
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u can try asking pediwear as I know they can help u to do a custom made design from Trickers.
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^ Thanks for the suggestion. I could try Pediwear or even Shoe Healer but one reason I am hesitant to do that is that I am unsure of my size in Trickers. I could send back a pair of regular shoes if they didnt fit me but would be stuck with a MTO. The other factor is cost. The MTO range at Shoe healer starts at 295 GBP exc VAT. I could get this Church's for 308 euros less 20% VAT. Guess I would have to wait till one pops up on Trickers ebay shop
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Requested a quote on some custom trickers today similar to the Junya X trickers of 2009 with a different sole and suede and they want roughly 600 shipped to the US.

My father being in his 70's says they are worth every penny but I am having a tough time deciding if my pockey book can justify the cost.
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Well. I just feel like I have to chip in at this point - my tan belgraves are pretty cool! Got them mid-way last year. The blue box is awesome btw, beats CJ's dreary green packaging. I just wish Trickers had some really dark brown colors, something like the CJ ones. Has anyone here made a custom order of an existing model, with modifications to color only?
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