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No. Please don't delete it. But maybe you could say something about your appreciation of the Bourtons when you've started wearing them. I had a pair that I bought in 1979. I took them back to the Trickers factory to have the soles repaired in 2014. I wore them regularly all over the UK and the rest of Europe and didn^t take care of them much at all, but they proved to be almost indestructible. Bourtons have 3-layer thick leather soles. That's what I mean. Those shoes are not meant for keeping in a cupboard. But they can be hard to  get used to, and then there's the weight issue. They're great shoes for sure.

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Off course they are not meant to be kept on a cupboard 😊

The reason for that was to take a picture of them brand new as they had just arrived from the factory.

I've wanted a pair since I saw a really cool picture of them in a British fashion magazine 15 years ago. At that time I wasn't really into shoes or style for that matter, but that picture really kick started my interest in good English shoes.

Today I own a lot of good shoes, from a pair of Lobbs to 6 pairs of Churchs a few Crockett and Jones and some Cheaney and Alfred Sargents, I also own a pair of Stows as you can see from a previous post, and although the other brands are great, the Trickers just adds something extra, perhaps just a feeling that I don't know how to explain.

I love heavy tweeds, flannels and corduroy, and for that type of dressing Trickers is, at least for me, the perfect choice.

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