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I'm on the hunt for the "perfect" pair of Tricker's, especially from the country collection. There's just something so appealing about them, particularly the way they are designed, and the brogue detailing is delectable As far as their "clunky elegance" goes, seeing them on Junya Watanabe's runway last year paired with his mod cut suits and flared trousers was revelatory - the synergy was perfect
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Trickers niche is the country range of shoes, solid, sturdy and very good quality.

Their smarter ranges City,Jermyn St, 1829 are also very nice shoes. Very well made. Good quality leather, tight welt finishing/stitching, channelled soles although the covering piece of leather is very thin.

My only gripe with Trickers is that the uppers went very 'loose & sloppy'. The other shoes I have of the same quality, Grenson,C&J, Church's, the leather has always felt strong even after years of wear I just didn't get that with my Belgraves.

It will be interesting to see how my Piccadilly's hold up over the course of time.
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Originally Posted by soaped View Post
I actually just received a pair of Tricker's; nicely made and the last this one is on is quite nice. I am impressed.

This is the Nottingham model, from pediwear right? I've been eyeing these for quite a while, it's between them and C&J Lowndes for double monks. Any comments on how they compare and on the sizing would be greatly appreciated.

Congrats on your new shoes!
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Can't think of a better country brogue than the Keswick / Bourton.
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I really like Tricker's country brogues. I recently received the Stow in marron antique and the Henry in coffee, pairs 5 and 6. Which is the best shoe tree for these lasts? The Epic is too narrow. David from the factory shop said to use sponges. Has anyone tried that?
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Beautiful pair of Kensingtons:

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Originally Posted by HORNS View Post
Beautiful pair of Kensingtons:


Theres something just nice about that shoe.......

Ive , as already stated in this thread, a pair of James Penny Loafers and they are a dream and now have a pair of Henry Boots in suede and i love them, so solidly made yet surprising sleek (i think the suede does this). Its very strange i just cant stop looking at them...... weird
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Might I just also say that the service, both in Jermyn Street and David at the factory shop, is impeccable.
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I think that they are what they are. Their finishing is not on the level of CJ Handgrade, EG's, Lobbs, or Westons, but they represent the best value amongst the British shoes in my opinion. If I had everything to do over, all my shoes would be Trickers except for a few iconic models that are irreplaceable (Weston Chasse, Lobb William, Vass Norweger and Budapester, etc). The channeling on the pair from the City Line I have, is extremely fragile, however.
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Trickers are a very good firm and the man in the factory shop is extremely helpful.

The poster tricker (AAAC) who used to work there was one of the most informative shoe posters on any clothing forum.

Trickers prices are very good for what they offer. I have a cordovan shoe from them which I am very pleased with. I cannot see myself ever wanting a Stow boot as I am not a country man. Their less famous styles are shoes I would consider though.
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Originally Posted by Lawman View Post
I have picked up three pairs of Trickers over the last several months. I have the Stow brogue boot, the Marlow pebble grain derby (1829 collection) and the Regent black calf captoe (1829 collection).

What, no Belgraves - the signature shoes of Trickers?!?!?

Seriously, +1 on everything you said. I've heard it said that Trickers shoes box above their weight, quality-wise. I believe it. Absolutely love my Belgraves - best $60 SF purchase I ever made; although other posters are right in that the channeling is weak. Doesn't bother me, though, as no one looks at the soles of my shoes but me. Added a $10 pair of Trickers trees from EBay.
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Originally Posted by Avebury View Post
Can't think of a better country brogue than the Keswick / Bourton.

What's the difference between these two models? They look the same to me.
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+1 on all the Tricker's love. Regent cap toe in Beechnut Burnished:

Sadly, I think I got these .5 too small. They may end up on B&S if there's any interest.
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Wes, those are nice & I'm considering picking up a pair but was on the fence about the sizing.
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bris, my feet measure US9D on the Brannock. I think Tricker's actually recommends a .5 US/UK conversion for all their city shoes and a full size conversion for their country brogues and boots. An old SF thread had suggested that even their dress shoes were a generous fit, so I sized down 1 full size. These turned out quite snug for me and I don't want to chance wearing them and having them be too tight. I'd rather pass them along to another member and perhaps get a pair of 8.5 in the future. Hard to gauge sizing/conversion. I mean, these should fit Steven Aver or rebel222 who are also US9D...
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