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A friend of mine just told me about this company as he bought a couple of suits from them.  I haven't checked them personally but went to their website.  From what I can tell they seem like a pretty good value for the specs they advertise....Side vents, pick stitching, super 130's Barberis fabric on some suits(although can't tell if they're canvassed) between $250-$500.   Anybody here have experience with them?  Couldn't find much in the search tool.
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I have one shirt from them that I really like. Dark blue dress shirt with light blue and black stripes. I never had the chance to check out their suits because they didn't carry them in the Scottsdale store that, unfortunately, recently closed. The shirts are quite well made and a good value. I would sort of assume that the suits are as well. Bradford
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Yikes.. I visited a recently opened shop in my nearby mall. We are all entitled to our taste as limited by our budgets. But, the suits looked like Mens Wearhouse with European flair: Cheap suits with style, to my taste, flashy style.
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I wonder if the suits are that bad...hard to tell from the website....however if the "fashion" shirts are any indication-its not a good sign for the suits. however the styling looks pretty good albeit a bit trendy....any guinea pigs out there -with more info-
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