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My adventures in (DIY) shoemaking -- part 5

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These are the most recent results of my shoe-making efforts. These are the first derby shoes I've made, which style requires a bit different approach to making the linings. [For previous efforts, see these posts: and] The lasts for these shoes were the same as used for the previously posted pairs. Next time I will be a using a new last that I've made for myself.

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Really Amazing!!!!How did you learn that?
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Frankly I wasn't a fan of #3 and #4 but these Are you using the more expensive skins now?
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Nice shoes but PM me your address and I'll send you a nice pair of laces.
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You've got talent- thinking about doing this for a living?
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They look stunning!

Could you avoid the bulge in the toecap where it overlaps the vamp by skiving the toecap piece?
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Beautiful work!
Damn, I want to learn this too.
I am inspired
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those are really nice
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What a feeling of pride you must have walking out the door in your handmade beautiful shoes. Great work!
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Im stunned , thats just amazing , well done !!!
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shoefan - I like the shoes a great deal.

I think the pattern is nicely proportioned, the toe cap is just the right size (I think current fashion is going for too big toe caps) and I like the “air” between the quarters. I wonder how you did the back: is the back seamless or did you do a “dog’s tail” or a back strap?

A really nice and graceful pair of shoes.

shoefan, you are a true amateur in the best meaning of the word (“lover of”).
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Very nice. Your stitching is much, much improved from your earlier efforts. You were joking in a previous thread about competing with Lobb. You're not competing with Lobb, but you are kicking J&M's ass all around the block and closing in on AE. In fact, stylistically, I think you've already got AE beat.
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