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If you're dead set on that older model (1401, 14000 and 14010 rolex air king) and not interested in the newer 14200 or air king date or date/datejust models, then you should expect to pay a reasonable price of around $1000 to $1500 for it depending on condition and considering you want the leather band and no bracelet. But paying $3000 for that specific watch is a rip-off IMHO
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^ There is better value to be had, for sure.
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fair enough to you guys who slated me for the slimane comment- it was very much an afterthought to put it in there. i think the point i was trying to make is that a pared down, slimmer design goes well with the fitted clothes i like to wear- just looks wrong to me with a big dial-covered shiny panerai or breitling or whatever.
it also explains, rather obliquely, why i like the air king. i have a datejust that i was given but find the dial rather busy and the cyclops date window just plain ugly.
i am no horologist but why should i not be able to appreciate other things about the watch? its beauty and also the 'wabi-sabi' feel of its age. rather like a beautiful functional pair of denims or tweed jacket that have only gotten better over the years. i tend to look for that quality in all my things, i just prefer it.
thanks also for the suggestion of the explorer- i actually agree that they are more beautiful. again i would go for the older explorer 1 model. however i travel a lot, brazil, russia, china- and just dont want to be wearing a watch that expensive. again and again im told that if a mugger approaches you, you just need to hand stuff over. a friend of mine was slashed across the face in sao paolo when he hesitated in front of a knife-wielding mugger.
anyway bought the watch and i love it!
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Of course, you can appreciate it for its face value, but if you are going to invest that much money into a watch (which you have), I think you should at least invest some time and effort into understanding what makes it a rolex and why it costs what it does. I mean generally when someone admires something they admire every aspect and nuance of it, not just what is apparent to everyone, most people (so I hope) on this forum for example know more about clothes than just whether it looks good. Well, never the less, hope you enjoy it, be sure to post some macro photos of it when you receive it in the watch thread .
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can't say i agree- do i need to know every nuance of coffee growing to enjoy a really good brand? not necessarily. i don't need to have gone to some gourmet coffee appreciation course to allow the depth/subtlety of the flavours to become apparent to me on a daily basis. i have worn rolexes for years and feel there is a level of quality in build/aesthetics and mechanical engineering there that i value, that weathers well over time. that seems to me worth the money- and is surely the point of all that watchmakers art? i mean in terms of simple accuracy a quartz casio would keep better time.
you're right that i might get something out of understanding more the actual mechanics of horology but where would you draw that line? people can spend a lifetime actually doing that...
and re your earlier point about rolex not even being the best of the swiss brands, well sure. i know that! it fits my own criteria of quality, aesthetics, price, value etc...
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Old explorer 1 is definitely a nicer model than the old air king, good choice man, enjoy your watch in good health.
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