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yes, #2 is very, very conservative. .luc
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What will the background color be for the ties? White?
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They are woven, not printed, so AFAIK there is no "background color" per se.
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Okay, perhaps I should say, what's the third stripe color. It's hard to tell. Will it be that creamy yellow beige?
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I'm assuming it's a just-off-white color as the color scheme is taken from the forum, red white and black. Chuck will have to confirm, though. I would prefer it to be a pretty bright white, but I don't know whether that's possible.
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All things are possible. WHITE white would mean using a White Warp (repeat that ten times fast) which we'll likely do, and then use red/black/white in the weft. (Warp is the base top to bottom then the weft is what you see when you weave fwom weft to wight) For a creamy buttery sort of yellow I'd need to know what diet the cows in your area are eating so that I can correctly match the Pantone color to it.
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I voted for #2 mainly because the broader yellow stripes in the other two wouldn't look good with my skin tone. And, if the yellow becomes more of a white, I think it would look a little odd when wearing it with white shirts.
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#1 is gorgeous. I'd buy one. Most def.. Especially since the flood in my apartment killed my other Carlo Franco tie, which I really liked. Did you say these were going to be double-4-folds? Nice. Chuck, is it still too late for me to send back the shirt I bought? It's sitting in the box and I have been too busy to do that. For those unfamiliar with Chuck's ties, they are DA BOMB. Nice and thick, plush, beautiful.
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FK - It's an off white there, slightly different on every monitor I am sure but think 'creamy eggshell kinda color' Linux - No Problem. ...but what's this crap about drowning my tie, dude? Did I flush your check in the toilet? Man... some people. Nice to see you back.
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I hope this isn't off-topic, but any updates on the trousers, Chuck? I keep checking your site but see nothing.
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Can't discuss the trousers here Will soon Rumor is they will look like this
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they look just like my seven dollar vietnam tailor pants chuck (except for the four button closure, the pleated waist band, the hand finishing, oh and the quality of cloth) otherwise...the same...you stealing my suppliers?
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Chuck, from the highlighted image of your trousers: "handfinished" detail, which part is the handwork? The basting stitches?
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T4 - hey it was a 10 minute shoot a few pics and slap'm together project... not the 'real' ad pics yet :-) There is handwork in several areas... loops, fly, pockets etcetera. Not like a better bespoke trouser certainly but compared to what's on the shelves in the RTW market I think folks will be pleased. Whoops, I'm threadjacking. Good to see you, hope it isn't as hot in your neck of the woods as it is here in Dallas... a week straight over 100 and July is just starting :-)
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If the trousers come close to the shirts, great item. Any chance there will be flat front?
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